29 MAR 2015
Choosing A Pellet Food
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Pellets are a smaller but important part of your guinea pig, chinchilla or rabbit's diet. They are designed to be concentrated sources of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals to help ensure that your pet is getting all the nutrients he or she needs. When feeding pellets, it is important to remember that a rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla's natural diet contains a high volume of low nutrient food. They are grazers by nature and in the wild they spend much of their days munching on grass and grazing for food.   While pellets enable owners to protect their pet's health and give them the range of nutrients they need, they are ultimately a low volume of high nutrient food that runs contrary to the diet in the wild. Therefore, it is important to follow feeding guidelines closely to make sure that they receive as balanced a diet as possible.  Mixes vs Pellets Mixes, also known as "muesli," are dry food mixes that are primarily cereal-based. They c.. [More] guineapigmueslibad.jpg
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29 MAR 2015
Rapid Decline of Muesli Dry Foods
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For the last four years the PDSA in UK has published the PDSA Annual Well-being Report (PAW Report for short). It covers cats, dogs and rabbits and looks at welfare issues by asking pet owners and vets questions about care and welfare. It’s great to have these stats on things like how many rabbits are neutered and whether they get an appropriate diet because it helps welfare campaigners monitor how successful they are at implementing changes and also where to target change. So, on to this years report. Here is a handy graphically summary (feel free to share): One of the biggest changes is the rapid decline in muesli based dry foods. In the last four years it’s dropped from being eaten by 49% to 25% of rabbits in UK. Interestingly it’s been a sustained change, continuing this year, not just a short term reaction to media coverage. On the other hand in the last year there hasn’t been much progress on hay eating; the percentage not .. [More] bunnyeatingmuesli.jpg
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22 MAR 2015
Playing With Small Pets
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No matter what size our pets are, like any human they can get bored. It’s important to provide them with plenty of enrichment activities to keep them entertained as well as the added bonus of strengthening your bond with them! Whatever you decide to play with them, make sure it’s fun for the both of you. Never force your fur friends into taking part if they don’t seem interested. There are certain times of the day that different pets are more active. Gerbils, hamsters and rats are more active at dawn and dusk. Take their sleeping schedule into consideration when you decide to introduce them to new enrichment activities to understand when they will most likely want to play. Just to make things easier for you, we’ve put our heads together in the office and made up a list of the best activities you can do with your small pets. Enjoy! 1. Training Training your pets can be perfect for both physical and mental enrichment. Every pet has the cap.. [More] gerbilcute.jpg
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22 MAR 2015
Preventing Malocclusion In Chinchillas
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You want to take good care of your little friend with the finest fur. Part of caring for chinchillas requires regular inspection of the state of his mouth and teeth. Unlike human teeth, a chinchilla's teeth grow throughout his lifetime. If they don't wear properly, malocclusion or misalignment results. Simple proper chinchilla husbandry prevents malocclusion except in cases in which the condition is hereditary. Malocclusion Chinchillas are rodents, which translated from Latin means "to gnaw." Your pet's incisors grow at the rate of 2 to 3 inches annually, and his molars can be responsible for misalignment. Not only do they make it difficult for your chinchilla to eat, wayward teeth can penetrate his nasal cavity. Malocclusion can cause infections in his teeth that spread into other parts of his body, particularly the sinuses. Untreated, your pet will eventually die from a severe malocclusion. As always, prevention is your best bet. Symptoms Slobbers .. [More] chinchillagnawing.jpg
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22 MAR 2015
Why Do Guinea Pigs Chew Their Cage?
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Guinea pigs' teeth grow continuously throughout their life, so they need to chew regularly to keep their teeth down to a healthy size. Chewing on their cage bars could mean they do not have enough things to chew on, but most likely they simply enjoy the feeling of the metal bars. Why Guinea Pigs Chew Guinea pigs are born with a natural instinct to chew. Their teeth grow continually throughout their life and chewing keeps them at a healthy length. If guinea pigs are not given enough things to chew on, they will begin chewing on items like their cage bars. If your guinea pig is chewing on her cage bars, there is no need to be alarmed. It could mean that she simply enjoys the sensation that it provides. As long as she has plenty of other chew toys designed for chewing and gnawing, your guinea pig is probably very content. Chewing, Treats and Interaction One fun way to get some interaction in with your guinea pigs in addition to satisfying their need to chew and p.. [More] barchewing.jpg
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18 MAR 2015
Keeping Your Hamsters Fit & Healthy
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Hamsters are naturally energetic and inquisitive animals who benefit from exercise and play. A bored hamster with no way to burn calories may become lethargic, irritable or destructive. Supplying your hamster with toys and exercise equipment is an essential part of keeping him healthy. Benefits of Exercise Running around helps alleviate boredom, preventing your hamster from developing bad behavior such as excessive or destructive chewing. A bored hamster is going to be more likely to chew on his cage and destroy various toys and items within the living enclosure. A hamster who is not getting adequate exercise may be irritable or difficult to handle. If your hamster cannot exercise for extended periods of time, he may gain a significant amount of weight, which can cause other health problems to develop. Exercise Wheel An exercise wheel is an essential piece of equipment for your hamster's quality of life. Hamsters get in their wheels and run in place. Every hams.. [More] hamsterinsideball.jpg
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15 MAR 2015
Common Chinchilla Ailments
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Chinchillas are popular small pets in South Africa, but by virtue of being housed and caged in our homes vets will often see some recurring problems in their clinics. Some of the more common issues vets will see include; Dental disease Chinchilla’s have continuously growing teeth. They need to grind both the incisors and cheek teeth by eating high fibre diets. They may often be presented with swellings around the face and mouth, drooling saliva, anorexia and weight loss. If you see any of these problems, check the dental anatomy, looking for spurs, bleeding cheeks/gums and swellings along the mandibular jaw line. Vets will use lateral, oblique and dorso-ventral x-rays to look for abnormal changes. A great resource for comparing normal and abnormal dental anatomy for vets is ‘Clinical Radiology of Exotic Companion Mammals’. Gastrointestinal disease As with all fibrevores, digestive diseases are particularly common, with constipation, dia.. [More] chinchilladentaltreatment.jpg
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15 MAR 2015
Why Is Timothy Hay Important For Rabbits?
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Rabbit owners are delightful people. You know that they are rarely loud and obnoxious (their rabbits would never stand for it); they have plenty of patience (because getting to know a rabbit takes time); and you can be certain that they are full of love and laughter (because that is exactly what rabbits inspire).   So, if you have gotten yourself a pet rabbit, welcome to the club. Your new baby bunny is sure to hop his way into your heart (or thump, depending on how stubborn you are about it). Rabbits are truly easy to love, as long as you give them just a few basics. Bunnies of all ages can be skittish, so avoid loud noises when you can. They also love to keep their feet on the ground, so be prepared to build ramps up to the couch. And, above all, rabbits have a specific diet, which undoubtedly should not be altered as it will affect the health and happiness of your pet. Feeding Your Rabbit Timothy Hay Rabbits (and other small furries, including chinchillas and guine.. [More] rabbitingrass.jpg
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11 MAR 2015
Cleaning Your Hamster’s Cage
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How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Hamster’s Home? Most pets, just like most people, need their homes cleaned about once a week. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore your hamster’s home the other six days of the week. You should take a moment to spot clean the bathroom and do the dishes every day. When you feed your pets, remove the food bowl from you hamster’s home and empty it of leftovers. This is especially important if you’ve given them any fresh treats. Wipe the bowl with a tissue or paper towel before refilling it. And, while you’re there, you may want to scoop out visible debris in the bathroom area. Don’t forget to refresh the shavings here if you take some out. What Goes into a Weekly Clean? The most important part of cleaning your pet’s home is making sure your hamster (or hamsters, as they prefer) is secured. Exercise balls are a great way to do this, but as long as your hamster can’t escape.. [More] hamstersittingincage.jpg
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11 MAR 2015
Cleaning Your Rabbits’ Living Areas
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How Often Should You Clean Your Rabbits’ Home? As with many pets that live in an enclosed area, your rabbits need a visit from housekeeping about once a week. This includes a thorough clean using a pet-safe sanitiser. Typically, you will need to restrict your pets’ movements in one area or another during this time so you can get to every nook and cranny during your cleaning process. However, you can’t neglect daily chores. Your rabbits need a basic tidy every day. This includes cleaning out any soiled shavings or bedding (as these can lead to the spread of disease). You must also clear out any uneaten food during this time. Cleaning water and food bowls is important on a daily basis and should be done before refilling them. What Else Do You Need to Know? When cleaning your rabbits’ living areas, always check for signs of damp or standing water. These conditions make it easy for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes to breed. While these insect.. [More] bigearedrabbit.jpg
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