21 DEC 2019
How To Prepare A Healthy Diet For Parrots
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The current recommendation by avian veterinarians is that pellets should make up 50-70 percent of a parrot’s diet. The best pellets to feed your parrots are those that do not contain sugar or dyes, since these ingredients may have a cumulative effect in the body and can cause diseases over the long term, possibly even shortening birds’ life span. The best bird pellet brands considered worldwide are Harrison’s, Roudybush and TOPs (Totally Organic Pellets).   All of the Roudybush diets are formulated by avian nutritionist Tom Roudybush, M.S. In his 16 years of nutritional research at the university of California in USA, Tom Roudybush has become a leader in the avian nutrition field. Roudybush Daily Maintenance bird pellets is made with a unique steam pelleting process which retains nutrients and is scientifically formulated for the care of healthy adult birds. All natural, high-quality ingredients work together to build a diet specifically formulated with the.. [More] PARROTFEEDING.jpg
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15 DEC 2019
How To Be A 5-Star Indoor Bunny Owner
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While they may roam your lounge rather than the great outdoors, indoor bunnies still need all the things that wild rabbits enjoy – from company of their own kind and opportunities to exhibit their natural bunny behaviours to providing them with the right nutrition. Indoor bunnies are popular pets – the recent PDSA Animal Welfare (PAW) report reveals that 44% of UK pet rabbits live predominately inside – but are they given everything they need to live their best (indoor) bunny life?   If you’re a devoted bunny owner, you’ll want to ensure you’re providing the five welfare needs for your pets, as outlined by the UK Animal Welfare Act 2006: Health – protection from pain, injury, suffering and disease and treated if they become ill or injured. Behaviour – the ability to behave naturally for their species – for example: play, run, dig, jump etc. Companionship – to be housed with, or apart from, other animals as.. [More] 5starindoorbunny.jpg
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14 DEC 2019
How To Prepare Your Pond For Summer
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With the longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, summertime brings the outdoors to life. Now is the time to be making sure the pond is prepared for all that summer brings, and to ensure health and vitality in your fish, plants and wildlife. There is plenty of preparation needed for ponds to thrive during the summer months. A good maintenance routine will help prevent water quality issues and health related problems in your fish.   Summer maintenance Water quality issues after winter After a long winter with not much activity, the pond may begin to spring to life without much interference. One of the most important things to check early and regularly in the season is the water chemistry of the pond. Sludge at the bottom of the pond can reduce pH to dangerous levels and provide a breeding ground for disease-causing organisms to hide. If physical removal isn’t an option, regular dosing of NT Labs Pond Sludge Remover will digest sludge using a blend of enzym.. [More] summerpond.png
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