10 JUL 2017
Why Seed Diets Are Harmful To Parrots?
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Many pet parrots in South Africa are not fed a nutritionally balanced diet and this is mostly due to a lack of understanding by owners. The biggest problem is providing poor-quality seed-based diets. Yes, seeds do make up a large part of wild parrots' diet. However, not all seeds are the same, and those available in the pet trade are often woefully deficient in nutritional value compared with seeds from plants growing in the wild. Many pet shop bought seeds are often old and contaminated with fungal toxins and moulds.   Parrots tend to select one seed type and, before long, they will eat only that. The classic example is sunflower seeds. Many birds that have eaten a diet of exclusively sunflower seeds for years will suffer from malnutrition internally, but from outside they may appear to be okay. Pet owners should think of parrots like they do children - if you offer a child one plate of sweets and another of broccoli, they most likely would never touch the broccoli. .. [More] macawstwo.jpg
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