28 DEC 2017
Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Pool
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If you are lucky enough to be one of the 950,000 people in South Africa who own a beautiful pool and garden, then without a doubt, you make the most of your garden by hosting barbecues, candlelit dinners, or family get-togethers. In the warmer months, the pool is usually the nucleus of activity, and just about the only bad thing about it from a pet owner’s perspective, is that it has the potential to be a safety risk. In this post, we focus on how to stop your pet from being just another statistic.   Teaching Your Dog to Swim   Should your pet fall into the pool, he should know how to swim right out of it, so teach him to swim from an early age. Ideally, a trainer will help you out but you might like to have a go yourself, starting out by letting your dog splash around in the tub or in a plastic kiddie swimming pool with water that reaches around halfway up his legs.   When you think your dog is confident enough, use a safety vest to introduc.. [More] dogswimming.jpg
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21 DEC 2017
Crucial Elements of Pet Friendly Lawn
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South Africa has the largest number of pets in Africa, with numbers totaling 7.4 million for dogs, and 2 million for cats. If you are one of these many lucky pet owners, you probably love nothing better than spending time in the Great Outdoors playing, walking, or just relaxing with your pet. Both dogs and cats love running and jumping in the garden, and dogs also benefit from at least one walk a day. Keep your lawn safe for your dog by removing the biggest risks and toxins, and stopping your dog from escaping.   De-Cluttering Your Garden   Your dog will probably run at lightning speed from one end of the garden to another, pouncing on leaves and rolling in the grass. Reduce the chances of injury by keeping the yard completely free of sharp tools and machines your dog can fall on or trip over.   Store all chemicals and cleaning products in a garden shed, to avoid ingestion.   Avoiding Toxic Plants   If your garden is filled with v.. [More] catongrass.jpg
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18 DEC 2017
Christmas Perils For Our Pets
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‘Tis the season to be jolly but, for our pets, it’s also a time of hazardous foods, poisonous plants and dangerous decorations. Ensure the four-legged members of your family have a safe and happy Christmas by following DR SUZANNE MOYES’ festive advice For those pets who have seen a Christmas or two, the sudden arrival of a pine tree, tinsel and plates piled high with mince pies, will likely be taken in their stride. However, for young animals, all these exciting new things require close inspection, which can lead to all sorts of problems.   All You Can't Eat At this time of the year, many of the foods we love to tuck into will do our pets more harm than good – so those pleading eyes must be ignored. It’s far better to keep your pets on their usual Burgess diet. Festive foods on the blacklist include: Pigs in blankets: Fatty, salty meats such as pork can lead to pancreatitis. Mince pies and Christmas cake: Raisins and sultanas (a.. [More] catchristmastree.jpg
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16 DEC 2017
Our 7 Point Guide To Be Gold Star Guinea Pig Owner
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Guinea pigs have been popular pets for generations. Today, we are better informed about how to care for these friendly little creatures, so that we can provide them with everything they need to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives. Small, sociable and chatty, guinea pigs or ‘cavies’ originate from the grasslands and lower slopes of the Andes Mountains in South America. In the wild, they live in close family groups of 5 to 10 individuals, though several groups may live in close proximity, forming a colony. When keeping them as pets, the challenge is to care for them in such a way that meets all their needs and enables them to exhibit their full range of natural behaviours.   1. A Safe and Suitable Place To Live A good quality hutch should be draught-free, predator proof and, along with plenty of Carefresh bedding, provide a cosy place to sleep. However, traditional small hutches do not provide the space guinea pigs need to behave normally. A hutch should just be vi.. [More] guineapigcute.jpg
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12 DEC 2017
Dogs Help Instil Mindfulness, Boost Activity, Fight Isolation
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Once you have a pet dog, it can be difficult to envision a life without one. For many busy, depressed, or stressed individuals, one of the best parts of the day, is snuggling with their dog after being out all day, or enjoying a long, peaceful walk in the park. Dogs bring much more than perceptible joy; they bestow their ‘owners’ with many benefits which recent science has backed through extensive research.       Being with Your Dog In the Here and Now   Health buffs know that mindfulness (truly ‘being’ in the present moment) has powerful benefits, which include a significant reduction in stress levels. Mindfulness enables us to evade the worry and anxiety that arise when we obsess about the past or future - and research shows that it can be enhanced through the companion of dogs, as noted in the special report, Get Healthy, Get a Dog, by scientists at Harvard University. The next time you feel the weight of stress, take.. [More] dog5.jpg
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