26 JUN 2016
Birds Need More Than Seeds
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We live in a land of fast food, fatty snacks, and junk food junkies. French fries dripping with grease, hamburgers packed with calories – most of us are painfully aware that our diets are less than ideal. Could our pets also be suffering from a similar situation? If that pet is a bird and it's on an all-seed diet, the answer's an emphatic “Yes!” While nature lovers can safely supplement wild birds with feeders full of seed, too much seed for your pet bird can lead to serious problems. Just ask Dr. Vanessa Rolfe, an avian veterinarian at Avian & Exotic Veterinary Services in Salem, Va. “Seventy to 80 percent of the problems I treat in birds are due directly or indirectly to inadequate diets – usually seed-based diets,'' Rolfe says. “Seeds are high in fat and deficient in many other nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. So an all-seed diet can be associated with a long list of medical problems.” These p.. [More] birdfoodsafety.jpg
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26 JUN 2016
Carefresh Bedding Coming To South Africa
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Pet Habitat is proud to launch Carefresh® bedding in South Africa. Carefresh is the ideal bedding for all small animals and is made from high quality virgin wod pulp. It is specially designed to eliminate urine odours, and lasts twice as long as traditional bedding. Carefresh keeps your small animal and their environment fresh and clean. For this reason Carefresh is the best selling premium bedding in the USA - it is also the reason why we have chosen this to be our first litter product - it is clean, safe, environmentally friendly and just perfect for hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and house bunnies! Super Absorbent Carefresh absorbs over three times its weight in liquids. The super absorbency of Carefresh keeps pets and their living area dry and clean. What’s more, it doesn’t fall apart when wet. Superior Odour Control Carefresh is scientifically engineered to control ammonia formation (urine odour) up to twice as long as trad.. [More] odorstopformula.jpg
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