05 AUG 2018
Playing Games With Cats Of All Ages
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Like all baby animals, kittens love to play. As well as being lots of fun, play teaches young cats about the world around them, aids their physical development and hones their fabulous feline skills. As cats get older, play is a great way to keep fit, lean and healthy, as well as keeping their brain alert and active – something that remains important for the whole of their life.   For cats, the best games are those that make the most of their natural repertoire of behaviours – stalking, pouncing, chasing and batting objects with a paw, exploring, climbing, jumping and patrolling. These ‘hunting’ skills, replicated by pursuing or swiping at a toy, release feel-good hormones called endorphins, which boost feline feelings of wellbeing. PLAYTIME TIP: Teach your kitten good manners and discourage them from scratching, clawing or biting. This may be fine when they’re little, but as those ‘weapons’ become larger, it can cause damage and.. [More] catwithtoy.jpg
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05 AUG 2018
Why Sniffing Is Important To Dogs?
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With busy lives, daily dog walks can sometimes become a routine march, with no time for an olfactory detour. However, not letting your FBFF (furry best friend forever) stop for a sniff or two means the walk will most definitely lack the wow factor – for your dog at least. This is because smelling stuff is a really important part of being a dog.   Sniffing for dogs is an activity like no other. Quite simply, dogs are born to sniff – it’s how they interpret the world around them and doing it makes them feel good. Canine charity Dogs for Good in UK, which trains assistance dogs to support adults and children with disabilities and autism, states: “Allowing a dog to sniff on a walk means it does take you longer, but the dog is taking in more information from the environment. Using their nose on familiar routes is also important, investigating who has passed through that area. All this information the dog is gathering could add to feelings of familiarity a.. [More] dogsniffing.jpg
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