27 JUL 2014
The Nano Reef Revolution
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It's easy to see why nano reef aquariums are so popular. Who wouldn't you want a tiny portion of the ocean sitting on your desk? Especially when it costs a fraction of what larger reef systems cost. A nano reef delivers endless fascination, from the saunter of its careful invertebrates to the abrupt retreat of its bashful fish. Every alcove contains a hidden wonder. For seasoned hobbyists, a nano reef offers an exciting challenge with beautiful rewards for a home or office. If you're thinking about a nano reef, consider the following for nano reef success. Miniature Reefs In the most practical sense, all home reef aquariums are miniature reefs when compared to expansive natural reefs. However, the term "nano reef" generally refers to a miniature reef system that is typically 50 litres or less, housing corals, invertebrates, and perhaps a few fish. That's a lot of complexity in a small space. What thrives on a nano reef? Specimens characteristic of a n.. [More] nano reef1.jpg
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26 JUL 2014
Switching Your Bird's Diet
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Nutrition is the watchword for taking care of your bird. A balanced diet is a necessity to allow a bird to live a full and healthy life. An unbalanced diet is the main cause of disease and early death in pet birds. Malnutrition is a human-made disease. Fortunately, it is also treatable by changing the diet. For most pet birds, a balanced diet consists of 65-80% formulated diet, about 15-30% vegetables, and the rest can be fruits and nuts. Some species such as lories and hyacinth macaws have very special dietary needs. Be sure to consult with your avian veterinarian to know what diet is best for your bird. If your bird is currently eating a seed-based diet as her primary source of nutrition, it is a good idea to convert her to a formulated diet. Feeding your bird correctly is not difficult, but knowing when and how to switch from a not-so-healthy diet to one that has optimum nutrition takes some know-how. We have compiled a host of tips we recommend in order to switch .. [More] girlwithpetfood.jpg
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25 JUL 2014
Most Advanced Marine Tank
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The Aquael Reef Master XL will be available in South Africa in October 2014 and offers the most advanced complete marine set up available to fish keepers. The Reef Master XL consists of all the elements essential in setting up and maintaining a stunning, large marine aquarium. The 385 litre tank is constructed from ultra clear, opti-white glass and measures 100 x 70 x 55 cm. Water is circulated by the Aquael Reef Circulator 10000 Pump with an external performance controller and heated by a 300W Aquael Comfortzone heater. Functional Aquarium Stand The aquarium sits on top of a gloriously finished wooden stand, 100 x 70 x 90 cm, reinforced with an internal aluminium frame. The well finished stand offers even the most advanced aquarist ample room within to conceal the most complex of systems beneath the aquarium. The cabinet contains a 135 litre sump with a modern self driven protein skimmer. Drainage and water supply is managed by 3 groups of PVC pipes that protect the.. [More] Aquael blog.jpg
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23 JUL 2014
Meeting The Needs Of Rabbits
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Are you providing everything your rabbits need to be happy and healthy and live a long life? You may think you are, but do you know for sure? Your rabbits may have a lovely big hutch to live in, and spend their days in a large run with lots of space to exercise and explore, but what about rabbit food? Are your rabbits getting all the right nutrients in their meals? If you simply feed your rabbits a supermarket dry rabbit food mix, you could be neglecting to give your them everything they need. Supermarket mixes may well be deficient in fibre which is vital for rabbits and other small mammals. Rabbits need a lot of fibre in their diet to keep them healthy. You may be surprised at exactly how much fibre they do need. Hay is a good source of fibre, but did you know that you should be feeding a pile of hay to your rabbit, roughly the same size as his body – each day? If your rabbit consumes this much hay, he isn’t over eating, so you shouldn’t cut down on .. [More] rabbit eating outside.jpg
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12 JUL 2014
Why Seed Diets Are Bad For Parakeets
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All-seed diets for pet birds, including parakeets, is something that has long been debated and it is a hot topic when it comes to bird care. While many birds are raised on all-seed diets, it should be noted that this is not good for your bird and may lead to many health issues down the line. Not only are seeds very high in fat but they are also not an adequate source of vitamins and minerals for your pet bird. Parakeets need more balanced nutrition than an all-seed diet can provide. A wide variety of healthy human foods, as well as formulated pellets are recommended for the parakeet diet, as they offer a wide spectrum of nutrients and a balanced alternative to seed diets. If your bird is a “seed junkie,” it’s important to consult your local avian vet for tips and tricks to help you transition your pet to a healthier diet. Proper bird care is crucial and it is of the utmost importance to know that you cannot simply switch your bird from seed to something e.. [More] yellowbudgies.jpg
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12 JUL 2014
Children And Rabbits
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Got kids? There’s a fair chance that somewhere along the line you’ve had a snuggly soft bunny toy, or perhaps a rabbit costume of sorts. You may have read Peter The Rabbit to your young ones. Kids are naturally fascinated by the playful hopping of young rabbits, and the silky softness of their long ears. If you have children at home, there are few things you need to consider before adding a bunny to your family. Everyone Needs Their Space Your kids want their own rooms, somewhere they can’t be disturbed as they play and relax. Even clingy children need their own space. The same goes for your rabbits. They need a space where they feel secure, it doesn’t need to be an entire room, or even an entire cage, but there must be somewhere that your rabbit, can retreat for some peace. What You Should Do: Investing in a living space is only half the solution; you also need to spend time teaching your children about the importance of space .. [More] children with dutch rabbit.jpg
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12 JUL 2014
RSPCA Feeding Guideline For Chinchillas
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Providing a healthy and well-balanced diet for your chinchilla is essential to his health and will ensure he has the best quality of life possible. Most health problems stem from an owner providing incorrect nutrition, which can be avoided with good education. With so many chinchilla food options out there, how do you know which is the best for your pet? Consider a day in the life of a wild chinchilla. He would spend 70% of his time above ground searching out or 'foraging' for food while keeping a beady eye out for predators, to make sure he wasn't going to end up as someone else's dinner! His diet would be mainly made up of grasses, hay, herbs and bark - all high fibre foods! His territory would be the equivalent of around 30 tennis courts meaning he'd get a lot of exercise every day searching out food across that area. The chinchilla's whole existence has evolved around this high fibre diet. Many chinchilla owners do not take into consideration a chin.. [More] chinchilla with child.jpg
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05 JUL 2014
FEDIAF’s Rabbit Feeding Advice
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Are you up to date with rabbit feeding requirements? The European Pet Food Industry Federation, also known as FEDIAF, publish animal feeding guidelines – so we’ve compiled a handy summary for you. FEDIAF strives to ensure high standards for all pet food products manufactured and sold in Europe, through consideration of safety, nutrition and palatability. Last year, the organisation teamed up with the UK-PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturing Association) and a panel of renowned experts, including Professor Anna Meredith , to produce new guidelines for responsible rabbit ownership and feeding. So, here’s our run-down of the most important points: Rabbits must have a high-fibre diet Fibre is needed to maintain gut movement and normal fermentation, prevent  GIT (gastrointestinal tract) stasis and help wear down teeth. Hay and grass are ideal sources of fibre for rabbits. Amounts of different fibres must be monitored, includin.. [More] bunny sitting.jpg
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01 JUL 2014
Guinea Pig Food & Vitamin C
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Did you know that just like humans, your guinea pigs cannot make their own supply of vitamin C? It is therefore important that the food they eat provides this essential vitamin to them on a daily basis and the reason why Burgess formulated Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets.   Why is Vitamin C important in my Guinea Pig’s food? If your guinea pig develops a vitamin C deficiency then he could become very ill indeed. He could develop scurvy and become less resistant to other diseases. Other symptoms include a rough coat of hair, loss of appetite, lameness and an inability to overcome infections. Excel Nuggets, combined with a good quantity of hay, such as timothy hay, will help your guinea pig eat a diet with sufficient amounts of vitamin C. You can supplement this diet with other highly nutritious treats, such as fresh fruit and veg, although you should be mindful to feed them only as a treat as many can be full of natural sugars.   Fruit and veg treats that .. [More] guineapigsandvitaminc.jpg
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01 JUL 2014
Lovebirds As Pets
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If you love the bold personality of an Amazon parrot, but you're not sure you can deal with a bigger bird, a lovebird just might be the pet for you. Lovebirds have tons of personality, and they can be extremely affectionate with the people they bond with. They can also be rather cantankerous, so they're a better choice for someone who already has some experience keeping birds. If you're willing to learn how to care for them and don't mind the occasional nip to remind you that you might not be quite as in charge as you think you are, a lovebird makes an endlessly intriguing, albeit challenging, pet. Lovebird Personality Lovebirds are a little different from most pet birds, so it's important to understand their typical personality before you decide if they're the right species for you. General Temperament Lovebirds can make wonderful pets, but they tend to be more feisty/aggressive than a parakeet or cockatiel. Most of these birds won't remain tame unless you spe.. [More] love birds on perch.jpg
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