20 JUN 2020
Why My Cat Has Stopped Eating?
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Cats and food is always an interesting one. Unlike dogs, to whom food is often the ultimate reward, felines are noted for turning their perfectly formed little noses up at their dinner for no apparent reason. And, while the occasionally outburst of food fussiness is nothing to worry about, if your cat has obviously stopped eating, this can be a real cause for concern.   Not eating can have an impact on your cat’s health even after as little as 24 hours. For a kitten, especially if they’re younger than six weeks old, avoiding food for just 12 hours can be damaging. Burgess in-house vet Dr Suzanne Moyes says: “Not eating is really dangerous for cats. When animals don’t eat enough, they must rely on their fat reserves for energy. Before stored fat can be used for fuel, it must be processed by the liver, which requires adequate supplies of protein. With rapid weight loss, protein supplies are soon exhausted and the liver becomes overwhelmed by fat. Th.. [More] catslovingburgess.png
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21 DEC 2019
How To Prepare A Healthy Diet For Parrots
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The current recommendation by avian veterinarians is that pellets should make up 50-70 percent of a parrot’s diet. The best pellets to feed your parrots are those that do not contain sugar or dyes, since these ingredients may have a cumulative effect in the body and can cause diseases over the long term, possibly even shortening birds’ life span. The best bird pellet brands considered worldwide are Harrison’s, Roudybush and TOPs (Totally Organic Pellets).   All of the Roudybush diets are formulated by avian nutritionist Tom Roudybush, M.S. In his 16 years of nutritional research at the university of California in USA, Tom Roudybush has become a leader in the avian nutrition field. Roudybush Daily Maintenance bird pellets is made with a unique steam pelleting process which retains nutrients and is scientifically formulated for the care of healthy adult birds. All natural, high-quality ingredients work together to build a diet specifically formulated with the.. [More] PARROTFEEDING.jpg
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26 NOV 2019
Caring For Guinea Pigs' Sensitive Skin
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Gorgeous guinea pigs are susceptible to a number of skin complaints, which is why owners of these chatty cavies need to be vigilant and keep a close eye on their pets. Constant scratching is a warning sign and it’s vital to check for dry or flaky skin around ears, nose or mouth, spots or lesions, or fur coming out in clumps. These symptoms signal that an immediate trip to the vet is required.   Skin issues – possible causes Guinea pigs can suffer from fleas and lice and are particularly susceptible to developing mite infestations. These irritating parasites can successfully be treated by your vet. It’s important to treat not only the affected guinea pig, but any others that they have come into contact with too. Their accommodation, tunnels, and toys will also need to be cleaned thoroughly and bedding replaced to prevent a further infestation. Some parasites live under the skin of guinea pigs, including ringworm, which is a fungal infection. Scabs .. [More] guinea-pig-skincare.jpg
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27 OCT 2019
New Life Spectrum Naturox Fish Food
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Last year New Life Spectrum announced it was making some changes to its fish food. In this video released recently, the company discusses the changes.   First off? Squid. They added squid along with whole antarctic krill for both the high protein content, rich omega-3 and no bones to content with. Another positive change was to cut down on starch by using bentonite clay as a binder. Besides cutting down on starches, bentonite clay has been used in aquariums and koi ponds for its other benefits. The levels are probably too low for this type of dosing, but good to know they made this switch. Additionally, they added ginger along with garlic to boost immunity and overall health of fish. Probably the biggest change is the switch to naturox, a natural plant-based preservative. This replaces ethoxyquin that has a controversial reputation in the pet food industry because of its use in making rubber and some pesticides. Although the company notes ethoxyquin is considered sa.. [More] newlifenaturox.png
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29 SEP 2019
Take A Closer Look At Your Degus Diet
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Degus are sociable, speedy rodents have very different needs from other small furries and providing the correct diet is an essential part of keeping them healthy and happy.   In the wild, degus – who are native to northern and central Chile and live high up in the Andes mountain range – survive on grass and other green vegetation, bark and seeds. In fact, compared to other rodents, degus need to consume large amounts of fibre – at Burgess, they refer to them as ‘fibrevores’. That’s why hay should make up a large part of their diet. Each day, you need to provide a minimum of their body size in high quality feeding hay to enable their digestive systems to function properly. Chomping on plenty of fresh, tasty hay will also help your degus’ dental health by keeping their continuously growing teeth at the correct length and shape. DID YOU KNOW? Wild degus live in groups of up to 100, where they dig complex burrows to hide from pr.. [More] DEGUSDIET2019.jpg
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02 DEC 2018
What Is Best Hay For Rabbits In South Africa
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Rabbit owners are delightful people. You know that they are rarely loud and obnoxious (their rabbits would never stand for it); they have plenty of patience (because getting to know a rabbit takes time); and you can be certain that they are full of love and laughter (because that is exactly what rabbits inspire).   So, if you have gotten yourself a pet rabbit, welcome to the club. Your new baby bunny is sure to hop his way into your heart (or thump, depending on how stubborn you are about it). Rabbits are truly easy to love, as long as you give them just a few basics. Bunnies of all ages can be skittish, so avoid loud noises when you can. They also love to keep their feet on the ground, so be prepared to build ramps up to the couch. And, above all, rabbits have a specific diet, which undoubtedly should not be altered as it will affect the health and happiness of your pet. Rabbits (and other small furries, including chinchillas and guinea pigs) are fibrevores. They are not.. [More] rabbitsinhome1.JPG
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13 JUL 2018
Muesli Is Biggest Killer of Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
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It is really astonishing that there are many rabbit and guinea pig owners in South Africa that are not aware about the importance of hay. Maybe this is because many of our local pet stores and grocery shops dedicate their shelves to commercial muesli diets, but offer little space for quality feeding hay products. Unfortunately, muesli diets have long been regarded as rabbit and guinea pig food at certain pet stores and supermarkets. However, nothing could be further from the truth.   In 2013, a scientific study revealed by Professor Anne Meredith from University of Edinburgh highlighted the dangers of muesli diets. When this news came out, hundreds of pet stores across the world removed rabbit and guinea pig muesli from their shelves. Muesli is severely detrimental to a rabbit, guinea pig and chinchilla’s health. Not only is it difficult to digest, it is also unsuitable for oral hygiene. And those are two areas of well being that our pets are ill advised to compromi.. [More] guineapigslovelongstemhay2.jpg
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07 JUL 2018
What To Feed Pet Hedgehogs In South Africa
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African Pygmy hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular pets in South Africa but so far there has been no quality commercial food available. We are very pleased that Brambles hedgehog food will soon be available to buy online and at selected pet retailers in South Africa.   Brambles Pet and Wildlife is a family owned British company that are passionate about wildlife. Their vast experience for almost 30 years have given them the expertise to formulate foods that are nutritionally beneficial to wild animals and ensure that they do not contain any added sugar, colours, or artificial flavours.  Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food consists of small kibbles with poultry as the main ingredient. Ingredients that are commonly used in other commercial foods, such as mealworms that are potentially dangerous to Hedgehogs in particular, are not used, creating a healthy, natural and safe complementary food they can enjoy all year round. Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog food is speciall.. [More] hedgehogcarefreshbedding.JPG
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06 JUL 2018
Feeding Sick Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
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Burgess offer an excellent recovery diet specially formulated for rabbits and guinea pigs, to help them through any poorly stages. We all know the problems you face trying to get rabbits and guinea pigs to eat when ill. Gut stasis can be devastating, and any kind of stress trigger can lead to appetite loss. Filled with essential long length digestible and indigestible fibers, this complementary feed for sick and recuperating rabbits and guinea pigs can play a vital part of critical care nutrition. It’s one of those essential feeds you need to keep in your cupboards.   Why Excel Dualcare Recovery? Specifically designed for both rabbits and guinea-pigs and is suitable for Chinchillas Easy to mix and use as a paste through a syringe or feed as a nugget Use it at times of stress or recovery from surgery Increased levels of protected Vitamin C to help recovery What does Excel Dualcare Contain? Methionine Tryptophan Protected Vitamin C Long lengt.. [More] guineapigsick.jpg
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27 MAY 2018
Why It’s Time To Move Away From Muesli
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According to the annual PDSA Animal Welfare (PAW) Report, inappropriate diet has been consistently cited by veterinary professionals as the top issue that needs to be addressed for rabbits. During Rabbit Awareness Week in UK, they’re on a mission to turn things around for Britain’s bunnies. Muesli has the reputation of being a healthy, nutritious food for humans and the same approach has been used when marketing muesli-type foods for small pets. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. While pet owners may think they’re buying a nutritious mix of tasty nibbles, feeding a muesli mix to small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can result in all sorts of health problems.   Research undertaken by The University of Edinburgh reveals that muesli-based diets encourage selective feeding, where rabbits eat some (high starch/sugar) components of the muesli diet, while rejecting the more fibrous pellets. Selective feeding in this way increases the risk of: Dental .. [More] rabbitmoveawayfrommuesli.JPG
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