11 DEC 2014
Feeding Your Guinea Pigs
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Guinea pigs (which are also called cavies) are remarkable pets to have. They are quite funny and charming most of the time, even when they are hiding (perhaps, especially when they are hiding). With adorable faces and long, round bodies, it is little wonder that guinea pigs have captured our attention and found a way into our hearts.   But, although they are small, guinea pigs are still pets, and that means that they need some loving attention from their owners. The biggest hurdle is, of course, ensuring that your guinea pigs have a comfortable home that is both snuggly, but not in the sun – and airy, but not in any draughts. And, once you have this right, you are well on your way to providing your pets with the best home possible. After that it is mostly a matter of feeding your guinea pigs the best possible diet and then… enjoying them as they play. Guinea Pigs Are Fibrevores As you learned in school, some animals are herbivores; some are (us.. [More] guineapigfibrevore.jpg
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09 DEC 2014
Your Rabbits And The Holidays
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The holiday season is finally here! Christmas and New Year are times that can be incredibly fun, but also stressful for both you and your rabbits. We know you’re going to be busy with all your holiday preparations so here are a few tips that will keep your rabbits happy and well during the festive period. Christmas Plants and Trees It’s always a good idea to do your research before bringing any sort of plant into your home as it’s important to ensure that they aren’t harmful to your rabbits. Many people are of the opinion that poinsettia plants are poisonous when actually, this isn’t the case. However, we still wouldn’t recommend that your rabbits eat them as they may cause discomfort to those bunnies with a more sensitive digestive system. Other holiday plants such as Ivy, Holly and Mistletoe on the other hand can be toxic to your rabbits. To be extra safe we wouldn’t recommend bringing these plants into your ho.. [More] christmasrabbit1.jpg
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09 DEC 2014
Testing Your Aquarium Water
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An essential part of owning a marine aquarium is the on-going testing and monitoring of the water that your fish, plants and corals grow and live in. The most successful fish keepers and aquascapers regularly check their water rather than waiting before a problem occurs.   There are plenty of things that need checking regularly in aquarium water; some of which can cause serious health problems if they fluctuate too wildly. Others may cause fatalities for your aquatic life even if the change is minimal. It is of paramount importance to check your aquarium regularly for a number of reasons. Firstly it allows you to see what the conditions of your tank are like, which gives you a clear indication of the environment your aquatic life inhabits. Testing can reveal the early signs of problems within the tank, and this makes them much easier and quicker to deal with, than waiting for a problem to fully manifest itself. In addition testing will let you know if your tank has.. [More] aquariumwater.jpg
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06 DEC 2014
House Rabbits Over Christmas Period
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There always seems to be so much going on in your home at this time of year; more visitors come to your door, decorations give it a festive feel, and there is no end of tasty treats! This can be quite a change of surroundings for your house rabbits. Here are our best tactics to ensure your rabbits’ comfort is best prepared. Although it may be difficult on certain days, try and stick to your rabbits’ routine as much as possible. Even on busy days, put aside time so you can give them plenty of attention, as you will be a friendly point of contact if your rabbits are not used to the changes in their surroundings. If you have a lot of visitors in your home, ensure that you never leave your rabbits unsupervised with others who do not know how to handle rabbits. This is especially the case with children, as it can be easy for an over affectionate child to mishandle or cause stress to your rabbits if left alone with them. If your rabbit gets scared easily at noi.. [More] rabbitchristmas.jpg
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06 DEC 2014
Grooming Long Haired Guinea Pigs
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Why Do You Need to Groom Your Guinea Pigs and How Often? Long haired guinea pigs offer a convenient hiding place for mites and other parasites. It’s just so easy to snuggle into their hair and so difficult for other guinea pigs to take care of these pests. Besides mites and lice, long haired guinea pigs battle with knotted fur which can become dangerous for them. And, with all that hair, it’s easy for all sorts of dirt and debris to remain on your piggy. And that never smells good. Your long haired guinea pigs need your help with a monthly bath and grooming session. If you notice that your piggy needs it more often, then do it. Don’t forget that you may need to pull out the comb or scissors a little more frequently if you spot tangles and troubles. How Do You Give a Guinea Pig a Grooming Bath? The short answer to this is… very carefully. It’s important to bear in mind that you should only ever bathe your guinea pigs if absolutely .. [More] longhairdguineapigs.jpg
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