07 JUL 2018
What To Feed Pet Hedgehogs In South Africa
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African Pygmy hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular pets in South Africa but so far there has been no quality commercial food available. We are very pleased that Brambles hedgehog food will soon be available to buy online and at selected pet retailers in South Africa.   Brambles Pet and Wildlife is a family owned British company that are passionate about wildlife. Their vast experience for almost 30 years have given them the expertise to formulate foods that are nutritionally beneficial to wild animals and ensure that they do not contain any added sugar, colours, or artificial flavours.  Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food consists of small kibbles with poultry as the main ingredient. Ingredients that are commonly used in other commercial foods, such as mealworms that are potentially dangerous to Hedgehogs in particular, are not used, creating a healthy, natural and safe complementary food they can enjoy all year round. Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog food is speciall.. [More] hedgehogcarefreshbedding.JPG
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