22 OCT 2014
How Much Do You Know About Chinchillas?
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Chinchillas are friendly animals that are well-known for their timid nature and soft, luxurious fur. They can make a great pet for older children and adults – but how many of these facts did you know about them? 1. The word chinchilla literally translates to ‘little Chincha’. The beloved pet was originally named after the Chincha people who once lived in the Andes Mountains in Peru. 2. Chinchillas are native creatures to South America, in particular within northern Chile and Peru. The rodents are extremely sociable and often live in groups of the hundreds in the Andes mountain range. On average they live on high grounds, often settling at 15,000 feet in the mountains. Although they are now usually a silver colour, in the wild Chinchillas are originally thought to have been a yellow-grey colour. 3. Their famous fur is so thick as a result of adapting to their mountainous habitat. Chinchilla fur is very dense to deal with cold temperatures. A Chinc.. [More] chinchillaonshoulder.jpg
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04 OCT 2014
Review of Hay In South Africa
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The latest feeding recommendation for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas is a diet of 80% grass hay and/or fresh grass. But why are there so many pet owners reluctant to do this? Maybe there is a fear that their beloved pet will starve to death. Or how do we know if our hay in South Africa is good enough? It has been proven that only a diet of hay provides them with good digestive health as well as physical and mental stimulation. Concentrated food such as pellets, nuggets or dry food mixtures (also called muesli) must constitute only 10% of the diet because they don’t contain the right type of fibre. Failing to provide adequate portions of the right kind of fibre can rapidly lead to illness or death. Because grass/hay does not appeal to humans, we have decided to feed more concentrated foods. Many people today are becoming more and more conscious of what they putting into their bodies. This is why we always look at the nutritional information on the back of .. [More] reviewofhayinsouthafrica2.jpg
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02 OCT 2014
Why is Timothy Hay Important For Fibrevores?
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Timothy hay is an essential part of your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla’s diet. Hopefully, most owners will be aware of this as there are many factors which make Timothy hay extremely important to your pets. Timothy hay is basically the dried, preserved form of Timothy Grass that grows throughout the UK. This type of grass is full of essential fibre which is exactly what your fibrevores need to live long and healthy lives. It’s recommended that you feed your fibrevores the equivalent to their own body size in Timothy hay every single day. You’ll then need to give them extra to sleep in and to play with. Our Burgess Excel Herbage is made using Timothy hay, with added dried herbs and flowers including dandelions, chamomile, marigold and birch bark to add extra variety, taste and nutritional benefits. Here are a few reasons as to why your pets should be having Timothy hay in their diets… Dental Fibrevore’s teeth neve.. [More] guineapigbooboo1.jpg
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