27 MAY 2018
Pets Help To Relieve Exam Stress
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It’s exam season and stress levels are at a peak in households across the country. One of the best ways to relieve the tension is to spend time with your pet. In the US, some universities are even rolling out dog therapy sessions with remarkable results...   For anyone about to take a series of stiff examinations, never could a dog, cat, rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets be of more help. While the health benefits of owning pets have long been established, scientists have discovered that the presence of a warm, furry, non-judgemental companion can make all the difference to stressed-out students. New research from the University of British Columbia confirms that some one-on-one time with a dog really can boost student wellness. "The results were remarkable," said canine expert Stanley Coren, study co-author and professor emeritus of psychology at UBC, on the university’s news website. "We found that, even 10 hours later, students still reported sl.. [More] catstudent.jpg
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27 MAY 2018
Why It’s Time To Move Away From Muesli
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According to the annual PDSA Animal Welfare (PAW) Report, inappropriate diet has been consistently cited by veterinary professionals as the top issue that needs to be addressed for rabbits. During Rabbit Awareness Week in UK, they’re on a mission to turn things around for Britain’s bunnies. Muesli has the reputation of being a healthy, nutritious food for humans and the same approach has been used when marketing muesli-type foods for small pets. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. While pet owners may think they’re buying a nutritious mix of tasty nibbles, feeding a muesli mix to small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can result in all sorts of health problems.   Research undertaken by The University of Edinburgh reveals that muesli-based diets encourage selective feeding, where rabbits eat some (high starch/sugar) components of the muesli diet, while rejecting the more fibrous pellets. Selective feeding in this way increases the risk of: Dental .. [More] rabbitmoveawayfrommuesli.JPG
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20 MAY 2018
Choosing Aquarium For Aquascape
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Ranging from R1600 for the Aquael Shrimpet Smart 10 aquarium set to R13 0000 for the Aquael Glossy 120 with cabinet, there is an aquascaping solution to fit all budgets. Smaller aquariums cost less to aquascape and have smaller running costs. Larger aquariums have greater environmental stability, bigger livestock options and capacity.   Bigger tanks will usually take longer to maintain. Water changes, large surfaces of glass to clean and lots of plants to trim can be time consuming. Smaller tanks can be water changed, cleaned and trimmed in less than 30 minutes but the largest aquariums will often take several hours. Consider where you want to be viewing the aquarium from and where is practical. For example lifting an Aquael Leddy 60 up a flight of stairs is significantly easier than an Aquael Leddy 75. Also consider ambient light and traffic. Excess daylight can lead to algae issues and sudden movement near an open top tank can risk jumping fish. You may have the spac.. [More] glossyaquascape2.JPG
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19 MAY 2018
Bonding With Your Small Pets
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There are cat people and there are dog people – but there are also some who believe that small pets are where it’s at. Whether you cherish your chinchillas, have a passion for bunnies, adore guinea pigs, or have a soft spot for rats, hamsters, gerbils or degus, as a committed and responsible owner you want your small furries have the best life they can. Building a closer bond with your little pets will enhance and enrich your relationship with them.   A great way to build this special bond is by hand-feeding. This is something that will take time and patience, but once your small pal happily accepts a tasty treat from your hand, is incredibly rewarding. The key is to take things slowly, so that your little chums learn to associate you with good things and begin to place their trust in you. Am I in danger? Small pets are prey animals, which means they think anything approaching is a potential predator – even you. Don’t loom over them (as a pred.. [More] guineapighandfeeding2.jpg
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12 MAY 2018
Only The Best Food For Cats
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We all want the best for our cats, whether we have a wild-eyed, mischievous little kitten or a graceful, more mature cat. One of the best ways we can look out for our cats is to make sure they get only the finest food that'll keep them strong, active and just as characterful as ever.   Burgess Pet Care is a leading pet food manufacturer with over 200 years of experience, meaning they know just how to pack the most benefit into their cat food. Made using natural grain-free recipes, the Burgess Wellbeing Range is specially designed to help maintain your cat's health and wellbeing, while making sure they get a deliciously tasty meal. For any cats predisposed to carrying a little extra weight than they should, the Burgess Wellbeing Slender food is a great option to help promote a thriving metabolism and steer off any urinary problems that can arise in cats that are overweight. Got an indoor cat who'd much rather snuggle on your knee then head outdoors? Try the.. [More] catlickingpaw.jpg
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