21 FEB 2015
Gerbils Love To Live It Up In Style
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Gone are the days when you could pick up a simple cage for your gerbils and call it home. Indeed, those homes were never fit for your pets. Your pets deserve a gerbilarium, which is a lot closer to penthouse living than a simple cage could ever be. A gerbilarium consists of a wire cage-like structure on top of a plastic tub filled with wood shavings. So, it may look ordinary until you factor in the different internal levels and areas in this home. Gerbils love to dig, so the lower layer can (and should) be quite deep, and filled with shavings. On top of that, a couple of different levels, joined with fun climbing ramps and ladders and some snuggly areas to hang out make a gerbilarium home. Finally, gerbils are super fast. Make sure you can secure your pets’ home, or they’ll make a dash to discover what else you’ve got hiding in your house. What Else Makes a Gerbilarium Home? Having a gerbilarium is just the first step to health and happiness. N.. [More] gerbilwhiskers.jpg
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