29 JAN 2016
Encouraging Natural Guinea Pig Behaviour
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Guinea pigs come from the lower slopes of the Andes Mountains in South America. They are naturally active little creatures that need space to run around, stand on their hind legs and stretch out. If you’re a guinea pig parent, you’ll know they are inquisitive, intelligent and love gnawing and exploring tunnels.   Guinea pigs are also sensitive, especially to extreme changes in temperature. They can become unwell if kept in really hot or really cold environments, and should be kept out of draughty, damp and dirty areas too. Most small pets are happiest when their natural behaviour traits are encouraged. Follow these 4 golden rules: Access all areas – Let your pet have access to everything they need at all times including lots of space, the correct food, water, safe places, toys and an appropriate companion. Hidey holes – Small pets that are naturally prey animals are easily startled and susceptible to stres.. [More] guineapigsonlawn.jpg
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29 JAN 2016
Encouraging Your Pet To Eat More Hay
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Hay can be as nutritious to small animals as turkey and all the trimmings are to us, but it also provides them with many other added benefits. Here’s three reasons why hay is not just for Christmas… For fodder… Hay for eating, such as Timothy or meadow hay, is different from hay for bedding, as it is much better quality with little dust (great for pets with respiratory problems), and lower calories. Packed full of fibre, it’s also excellent for your small animal’s digestive system as it reduces blockages and keeps the gut moving, which is very important for rabbits and guinea pigs. Ensure you buy good quality fresh hay that smells sweet, is slightly green and has long strands – if it doesn’t look appealing to you, chances are your pet won’t like it either, and always provide a good supply of water to wash it all down. If your pet doesn’t seem interested in the hay, try out a different type. Rabbits have m.. [More] rabbiteatinghay2.jpg
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