18 APR 2021
Keeping Ferrets As Pets
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Ever fancied having some captivatingly curious ferrets as pets? In fact, these domesticated polecats have been popular human companions for centuries. Images of ferret-like animals on leashes have been discovered on the walls of Egyptian tombs, which suggests that these mischievous little carnivores have been pals with humans for thousands of years. It’s thought that they were first introduced to Britain around 2,000 years ago by the Romans and they’ve gained legions of ferret fans ever since...   Ferrets are fearless explorers who need to be cared for by humans Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) belong to the family ‘Mustelidae’, which includes otters, stoats, weasels and badgers. Their most likely wild ancestors are the European polecat and the Steppe polecat. They have stubby noses, small furry ears, long, flexible bodies, and short, strong limbs, meaning they’re perfectly equipped to move freely in confined spaces and turn round in narrow.. [More] Ferret-Behaviour.jpg
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