13 JUN 2015
Floor Time With Your Guinea Pigs
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Everyone needs exercise to remain healthy. It’s simply the way bodies work. Your guinea pigs also need plenty of activity and exercise to stay healthy for the span of their lifetimes. While an extra-large cavy home is ideal, your pets still need some floor time every day to get all the benefits of an active life. Setting up a floor time area for your piggies The point of floor time is exercise. And for guinea pigs, that means plenty of room to scamper across an expanse of floor. Even if your pets have an exceptionally large housing area, floor time helps to stimulate them mentally, so don’t discount its importance. To create a floor space playground choose a room, hallway or corner without wires or tight spots where cavies can become stuck. Guinea pigs tend to prefer dimly lit corners, so having one or two is a bonus. Next, protect the area. Many recommend laying bathmats to protect your floor because they are washable. An extra layer of protection in.. [More] guineapigpair.jpg
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13 JUN 2015
Are Rats Happy On Their Own?
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Rats are one of those magnificent animals that make incredible pets but were ignored for many years before their popularity really took hold. Part of the reasons for that is of course because wild rats are very different to the domesticated pets you can adopt. Another reason is that there was simply not a lot of information available on caring for these pets – early rat owners probably made a few mistakes. But we’ve learned a lot about rats over the years, including their need for companionship. Does your rat need a friend? Rats are very social creatures. They love living with friends and family. This makes them very different from some of the other small furries such as Syrian hamsters who prefer a solitary life, whereas Dwarf hamsters prefer company. Rats however don’t just enjoy the company, they thrive on it and need it to live a long and happy life. If you have a lonely rat, it’s time to get your furry a friend. But be careful here, it&rs.. [More] petrats.jpg
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01 JUN 2015
Importance Of Timothy Hay For Fibrevores
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The dietary needs of any animal (including humans) are directly linked to the unique digestive processes of that animal. Fibrevores, as the name implies, need lots of fibre. Fibrevores have a unique digestive system with an appendix designed to deal with fibre exclusively. A complete fibrevore diet will provide for their dental, digestive and emotional health. The Excel 5-a-day Feeding Plan is an easy to follow guide to ensure your pet gets the right balance of fibre, nutrients, vitamins and minerals for their all-round health. The benefits of Timothy hay on teeth Rabbits have teeth that continually grow throughout their lifetime. If they’re not ground down through eating, they can form sharp points and spurs. By eating a high fibre diet, the healthy length and shape of the teeth are maintained. Bedding More than that, fibrevores love snuggling in piles of Timothy hay. They love playing with it and pushing it around their homes. It’s a great com.. [More] guineapigandhay.jpg
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