24 OCT 2021
Aquael Introduces OPTI SET Aquariums
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The brand new range of OPTI SET aquarium sets manufactured in Poland by Aquael is something that delights even the most demanding customers. For this reason, you can be sure that you will be impressed by it's high quality of workmanship. Aquael has taken care of even the smallest detail when creating this product so that you can enjoy this fantastic piece of beauty for many years to come. The new OPTI SET aquarium set will allow you to literally and figuratively blur the boundaries between you and the underwater world.   First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the tanks of our sets were made of special opti glass (front and sides). Their edges are polished and the weld is colorless, which significantly improves transparency. In addition, the set includes a special LEDDY TUBE DAY & NIGHT lighting, which not only looks extremely nice and offers three lighting modes (day, daybreak, night), but also allows for really low power consumption. This is .. [More] optisetaquariumstunning.jpg
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22 AUG 2019
World's First Smart Aquarium Lamp
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Do you know what the term “Internet of things” means? It is a concept according to which clearly identifiable objects can directly or indirectly collect, process or exchange data by means of the KNX smart electrical installation or a computer network. It also includes the increasingly popular solution for controlling and steering individual devices using mobile phone applications.    AQUAEL, keeping abreast of the times, introduces the world’s first aquarium lamp meeting these requirements, called the LEDDY SLIM LINK. LEDDY SLIM LINK is a remotely controlled, universal LED lamp designed to illuminate open freshwater and marine aquariums. Fixed on the side edges of the tank panes, it constitutes an elegant alternative to the classic aquarium lid. Its use allows for obtaining a unique decorative effect. Ideal for all types of aquariums. The free Aquael Aqu@rium application installed on your smartphone enables you to control the operation and parame.. [More] LeddylinkWiFi.png
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05 AUG 2019
What Is A Natural Aquarium?
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So-called natural aquariums, also known as Japanese aquariums or Amano style aquariums, are all the rage in modern aquaristics. The father of this concept, late Takashi Amano (1954-2015), was a Japanese nature photographer and aquaristics enthusiast.   When taking pictures of natural landscapes, such as the Amazon forest or the steppes, he wanted to try to transfer these behind the glass walls of the aquarium. Using natural decorations such as rocks, wood and roots as well as living plants, he began to create underwater forests, meadows and other landscapes. This trend was quickly adopted by many followers and enthusiasts all over the world. Takashi Amano developed several basic styles of natural aquaristics. These include: - ryuboku – an underwater forest. Using roots, wood and plants (mainly the so-called „epiphytes”), an image reminiscent of the primeval pristine forest flooded with water is reconstructed in the aquarium; - mizube – a kind.. [More] aquaeltank60cm.png
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22 DEC 2018
New Self Repair LED Aquarium Lamps
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Over the past few years, light emitting diodes (LED) have rapidly been replacing fluorescent tubes in the aquarium market. LED lighting have the advantage of providing aquariums with perfect lighting conditions, whilst consuming far less energy than conventional light sources. In addition the lifespan of LED lamps is several times longer than fluorescent lamps. This is a huge saving because there is no need for frequent replacement.   However all LED aquarium lamps have the same problem that over time, some of the diodes will die. Aquael the leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures for aquariums, have developed a new and innovative self-repair technology system to provide an effective solution to this problem. In Aquael’s SUNNY version of LED lamps, if a diode stops working, its functions are taken over by the adjacent diodes, which start emitting light with increased power. Thanks to this unique and innovation technology, even after the failure of individual L.. [More] leddyslimlamp2.jpg
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20 MAY 2018
Choosing Aquarium For Aquascape
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Ranging from R1600 for the Aquael Shrimpet Smart 10 aquarium set to R13 0000 for the Aquael Glossy 120 with cabinet, there is an aquascaping solution to fit all budgets. Smaller aquariums cost less to aquascape and have smaller running costs. Larger aquariums have greater environmental stability, bigger livestock options and capacity.   Bigger tanks will usually take longer to maintain. Water changes, large surfaces of glass to clean and lots of plants to trim can be time consuming. Smaller tanks can be water changed, cleaned and trimmed in less than 30 minutes but the largest aquariums will often take several hours. Consider where you want to be viewing the aquarium from and where is practical. For example lifting an Aquael Leddy 60 up a flight of stairs is significantly easier than an Aquael Leddy 75. Also consider ambient light and traffic. Excess daylight can lead to algae issues and sudden movement near an open top tank can risk jumping fish. You may have the spac.. [More] glossyaquascape2.JPG
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22 JAN 2017
Best Aquarium Substrate For Plants
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Planted tank substrates are key to the success for any planted aquarium or aquascape. Aquatic plants are just like garden plants. They have a complex root system that aids in their uptake of necessary nutrients. These include Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Nitrogen and many others. These nutrients play a key role in the coloration, health and growth rate of the plants in the aquarium. Nutrient rich substrates can even combat algae growth by allowing your plants to overtake the growth rate of pest plants, uptaking excess nitrates and starving algae spores. The H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL brand of substrates is now available in South Africa. This is the Ultimate Soil Advanced soil is 100% natural substrate that was developed for anyone who wishes to grow aquatic lives easily. Advanced soil quickly drops the water pH & KH, creating as close to nature environment in an aquarium. This allows you to have fish in an aquarium on the very day you set Advanced soil. .. [More] aquariumsubstrate.jpg
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05 APR 2015
Aquael Launches Pearl High Aquariums
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Most aquarium sets are not very tall. The new AQUAEL PEARL HIGH aquarium sets due for release in South Africa around end of June 2015 are completely different. The 40 cm wide model is not 25 cm but 40 cm tall, and the 60 cm width model – 50 cm tall (instead of the standard 30 cm). This modification means that PEARL HIGH aquarium sets offer exceptional decorative value to all types of interiors. Because the tank is taller, it also increases its capacity. The PEARL HIGH 60 flat set is 90l. This means it can hold more fish that a classic 60cm set. PEARL HIGH sets are lit with modern energy saving LEDDY TUBE 6 W SUNNY modules. The 40 cm sets have one module whilst the 60 cm sets have two. Filtration is provided by an efficient internal filter (PEARL HIGH 40) or three stage biological/mechanical overflow filter installed in the cover (PEARL HIGH 60). The sets are also equipped with an automatic heater which ensures optimal temperature conditions. .. [More] pearlhighblog.jpg
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05 APR 2015
New Budget Aquael Aquarium Filters
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AQUAEL has launched a revolutionary new line of budget internal aquarium filters which will be available in South Africa towards the end of June 2015. The ASAP filters with affordable pricing between R200 and R350 will combine high performance and great usability features with a clever design that reduces the time required to do maintenance on your aquarium. The ASAP internal filters consists of a motor that uses very little electricity and placed in a stylish housing and a large transparent filter bowl filled with carefully chosen filtration sponge. The sponge is quickly populated by beneficial bacteria, so water passing through the filter undergoes biological as well as mechanical filtration. Thanks to this, your aquarium water remains clean and safe for your aquarium inhabitants. The filter requires two basic types of maintenance procedures. One consists in removing the filter bowl and replacing it with a new one (Aquael offers standard cartridges as well .. [More] AQUAELASAPfilterintank.jpg
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25 JAN 2015
Choosing The Right Aquarium Filter
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Choosing the correct filtration system for your aquarium is an important decision that will impact not only the type and quantity of livestock that you wish to keep, but also the amount of maintenance that the system will require. The filtration system is responsible for keeping the water clear and free of particulate matter (tiny fragments of plant material, leftover food, feces, waste products from the fish, etc.) and toxic compounds that are dangerous to the inhabitants. The strengths and weaknesses of the commonly available types of filtration will be discussed in this article, so you can make the right decision in choosing the filtration for your aquarium.   The three categories of filtration There are three types of filtration that are necessary for the health of any aquarium: Mechanical Chemical Biological Before choosing a filtration system, it is important to understand all three, and how they will benefit yo.. [More] choosingfilter.jpg
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15 JAN 2015
Benefits of LED Lighting
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LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting is fast becoming the preferred choice for aquarists, as it uses less electricity than standard forms, lasts much longer and produces up to 80% more light than traditional fluorescent tubes. It produces a deeper, purer light to support healthy plant growth, enhance natural colours and illuminate stunning marine life. The light seems to penetrate the deepest corners of the tank, showing off every aspect of the life within. Traditional fluorescent lighting, whilst a long standing favourite, has some disadvantages. It emits heat, which can be transferred to the water, doesn’t have a long shelf life, and can easily be damaged both in transit and once it’s in situ in the aquarium. LED lighting can be adjusted and dimmed to adapt to your own personal lighting schedule, and as it’s a compact, light, product it’s easier to transport, fit and maintain. LED lighting also has the added bonus of creating a very realistic s.. [More] leddysmartlamps.jpg
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