24 Oct 2021
Aquael Introduces OPTI SET Aquariums
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The brand new range of OPTI SET aquarium sets manufactured in Poland by Aquael is something that delights even the most demanding customers. For this reason, you can be sure that you will be impressed by it's high quality of workmanship. Aquael has taken care of even the smallest detail when creating this product so that you can enjoy this fantastic piece of beauty for many years to come. The new OPTI SET aquarium set will allow you to literally and figuratively blur the boundaries between you and the underwater world.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the tanks of our sets were made of special opti glass (front and sides). Their edges are polished and the weld is colorless, which significantly improves transparency.

In addition, the set includes a special LEDDY TUBE DAY & NIGHT lighting, which not only looks extremely nice and offers three lighting modes (day, daybreak, night), but also allows for really low power consumption. This is possible thanks to modern LED technology. If you decide to buy our aquarium set, you will be able to expand the aforementioned lighting up to nine LEDDY TUBE modules. What's more, our customers appreciate the fact that, if necessary, they can freely change the position of the lighting to one that will suit them better.

Our aquarium sets are perfect for both traditional and modern interiors, but their individual components have been made in such a way that they perfectly fit into the latest trends. It is also worth paying attention to the free and, above all, convenient access to the interior of the aquarium.

The Smart Open system is located in a top-mounted lid. The lack of transverse reinforcements significantly facilitates the use of these devices. In the back of the cover there are holes for mounting hoses and cables. We have specially opted for such a solution so that these cables are not visible at first glance, and thus do not adversely affect the reception of the entire aquarium.

From aesthetic issues, we must emphasize that the bottom frame and lid have a satin finish to make our OPTI SET aquarium sets look as good as possible. Elegant and nice appearance in the case of our aquariums also goes hand in hand with high functionality. After all, what good is it that the aquarium would be beautiful, if its daily use could be problematic? There is no question of that! Feeding the fish will normally take you a maximum of a few minutes and you will not have to worry about moving or opening heavy or hard-to-reach elements.

If you want, you can also decide to buy a special OPTI SET cabinet, equipped with adjustable legs – such a set will look beautiful in the living room, hallway or even in the bedroom. We guarantee that the purchased Aquael aquarium set will delight you with its high quality of workmanship, beautiful appearance and high functionality.

Our assortment is produced in Poland using the best possible materials. Depending on what specific interior you are arranging, you can opt for a set in black or white. What's more, you can also choose from three sizes – 125, 200, 240 liters. All this so that you are really satisfied with the order you place in our online store.
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