22 Aug 2019
World's First Smart Aquarium Lamp
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Do you know what the term “Internet of things” means? It is a concept according to which clearly identifiable objects can directly or indirectly collect, process or exchange data by means of the KNX smart electrical installation or a computer network. It also includes the increasingly popular solution for controlling and steering individual devices using mobile phone applications. 

AQUAEL, keeping abreast of the times, introduces the world’s first aquarium lamp meeting these requirements, called the LEDDY SLIM LINK.

LEDDY SLIM LINK is a remotely controlled, universal LED lamp designed to illuminate open freshwater and marine aquariums. Fixed on the side edges of the tank panes, it constitutes an elegant alternative to the classic aquarium lid.

Its use allows for obtaining a unique decorative effect. Ideal for all types of aquariums. The free Aquael Aqu@rium application installed on your smartphone enables you to control the operation and parameters of the lamp from any place in the world (via a WiFi router).

It allows you to set any spectrum of lamp light (or use ready-made, pre-programmed suggestions for freshwater, planted tank or marine aquariums).


And that’s not all – you can also create the effect of dawn and dusk (the function of dimming and brightening the light), programme the operating modes and – important! – create a unique storm effect with flashes imitating lightnings.
Moreover, you can adjust the lamp power in accordance with the needs of the tank. LEDDY SLIM LINK is yet another proof that AQUAEL’s motto, “We offer you today what others will have tomorrow,” is one hundred percent true!

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