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NT Labs Pond Bacterad
List Price : R375.00
Price : R335.00
POND ANTI-ULCER, FIN-ROT & FLUKES. When fish show symptoms of bacterial infections such as ulcers, split fins, fin rot, mouth rot, red blotches, missing scales or clamped fins. Useful for treating flukes (trematodes) in the presence of sensitive species such as sturgeon, orfe and rudd. Can also be used if Pond Salt Plus is present in the water at ‘tonic level’. 250ml treats 4550 Litres
NT Labs Pond Eradick
List Price : R375.00
Price : R335.00
POND ANTI-PARASITES & FUNGUS. A five-day course of treatment for when fish show symptoms of parasitic infection such as irritation, flicking, gasping at surface, covered in thick opaque mucus or visible white spots on the body. Use if fish show signs of a fungal infection which can appear as cotton wool-like growths on the body. Use as a preventative in early spring or when introducing new fish. Can be applied directly to leeches and lice. 250ml treats 4550 Litres
NT Labs Koi Care - Mediclay
List Price : R725.00
Price : R650.00
Pure High Calcium Montmorillonite Clay. Clarifies water, enhances skin quality, stimulates appetite, controls buildup of waste & bacteria which cause ill health. Mediclay stimulates the biological system in favour of beneficial bacteria helping to reduce algae. Mediclay will also “polish” the water resulting in amazing clarity to observe your fish.
Easy Life Voogle Koi
List Price : R612.00
Price : R550.00
Voogle Koi is an innovative product that helps to keep fish healthy and improves their immune system. Using Voogle will limit the use of antibiotics to a minimum. The natural immune system is stimulated, so that fish are better protected against diseases.
NT Labs Pond Salt Plus
List Price : R360.00
Price : R320.00
POND HEALTH PROMOTING SALT. Pond Salt Plus has many uses in helping to keep your fish fit and healthy and to help them recover from illness. Use as a general tonic, to support the immune system and help reduce stress allowing fish to recover from wounds/ulcers, as a dip to help remove parasitic infections and supply essential physiological trace elements. Can also be used to reduce the toxicity of harmful nitrite on fish If the biological filter is not working properly.
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