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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb
List Price : R370.00
Price : R330.00
Joining the award winning PURE Aquarium range is PURE Aquarium Bomb, the unique, clear, live bacteria gel ball for use in aquariums. PURE Aquarium Bomb is a much larger single treatment dose of live nitrifying bacteria designed specifically at cycling new aquariums and making them ready for fish. It also rapidly combats water quality emergencies in new and established freshwater aquariums, when life threatening levels of ammonia and nitrite are detected.
Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Balls
List Price : R62.00
Price : R55.00
Evolution Aqua’s PURE Aquarium award winning bacterial products provide beneficial bacteria for aquariums, maintaining crytal clear, heathy water. The unique gel ball delivery method provides an easy way to dose your aquarium. The PURE Aquarium range includes 6 ball, 25 ball, 50 ball packs along with the single more concentrated PURE Aquarium Bomb.
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