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Hay produced in South Africa are traditionally sun-dried whilst leading hay manufacturers such as Newhay and Bunny Nature are using the latest developments in technology to produce high quality feeding hay.   Newhay timothy hay has .. [More]
Bunny Nature is a family owned business in Germany that is founded with love for animals. Their goal, which they continue to pursue to this day, is to produce optimal and healthy food for small animals, which is perfectly tailored to their ori.. [More]
Vets report that four out of five rabbits or guinea pigs that come into their practice have a health problem that is directly related to poor diet. Common ailments are constipation, overgrown teeth, obesity and other problems related to these .. [More]

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Bunny Nature Bedding Comfort
List Price : R695.00
Price : R625.00
Bedding Comfort is the ideal bedding for your pets to feel as comfortable as possible. The wonderfully soft surface of the bedding invites them to relax right away. Thanks to its natural texture, the Relax natural bedding encourages the animals’ natural behaviour, such as digging and scrabbling, keeping them occupied. Ingredients: Beech wood granules, hemp fibre, linen fibre. Size: 20L
Bunny Nature Bedding Absorber
List Price : R695.00
Price : R625.00
Bunny Nature Bedding Absorber is the ideal bottom bedding with maximum absorbency. The Absorber lives up to its name, with a high absorbent capacity and neutralising odours reliably. Combined with bunnyBedding Comfort or another type of bedding from the bunnyBedding range, the Absorber is the ideal bedding partner for creating a pleasant indoor atmosphere permanently and ensuring the driest bedding for weeks. Ingredients: Straw pellets, soft wood granules, pine heartwood
Bunny Nature Bedding Cosy
List Price : R628.00
Price : R565.00
Bunny Nature Bedding Cosy is the super-soft natural straw bedding for rabbits and rodents. It traps moisture and odours immediately, while its high absorbency makes it especially economical. Bunny Nature Bedding Cosy offers pets a soft base for lying and moving around, and is gentle on their sensitive hind legs. It is also low in dust, making it especially pleasant for both pets and their owners.
Bunny Nature Bedding Linum
List Price : R234.00
Price : R210.00
Bunny Nature Bedding Linum is a natural linen bedding. It offers your pets maximum comfort straight away and gives them a dry, comfortable surface for lying and moving around. Depending on the size of the cage and the number of animals, bunnyBedding Linum stays dry for up to 14 days and captures ammonia reliably
Bunny Nature Bedding Active
List Price : R962.00
Price : R865.00
Bunny Nature Bedding Active combines many outstanding product features in one: it is fantastically absorbent, super soft for little paws, ideal for stable tunnel-building and much more. Please provide a particularly thick layer of bedding in order to give your pets a natural adventure playground, so that they feel at home and can move around as their natural instincts tell them. Ingredients: Linen fibre, straw pellets, pine heartwood. Size: 35L
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