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Kamoer KICCI Smart Aquarium Controller
List Price : R7,000.00
Price : R6,000.00
Kamoer KICCI is a professional aquarium controller that provides a flexible and easy to expand intelligent control program. With the help of Aquarium Cloud App, the KICCI allows you to control in real time your aquarium tank, to monitor the temperature, pH value and other performance parametres via iPhone, iPad, Android phones at any time, anywhere, and remotely control the lighting, water pump control, adding of aquarium additives, feeding, etc.
Kamoer S3 Base Sensor Module
List Price : R4,500.00
Price : R4,000.00
Kamoer S3 Basic Sensor Module integrates temperature, humidity and liquid level detection. It can detect five liquid level signals, two temperature readings and one temperature and humidity reading with high precision at the same time. The S3 Base Sensor Module needs to be used in conjunction with the KICCI Controller which is sold separately.
Kamoer S3 Pro Sensor Module
List Price : R6,000.00
Price : R5,400.00
Features Compact, beautiful appearance. Simultaneous monitoring of pH, ORP and temperature values with high accuracy Connected to the Aquarium Cloud through Kamoer Smart Controller for Remote Monitoring Aquarium Cloud App operation, support iOS and Android DC 5V low voltage power supply
Kamoer 2L Dosing Containers (Set of 4)
List Price : R1,200.00
Price : R1,000.00
The space saving Kamoer Dosing Containers are the perfect compliment to the Kamoer X4 WiFi dosing system. Each container is labeled with either calcium, alkalinity, or magnesium letting you know what solution is in each reservoir. Just fill the reservoir with your favorite 2 part solution, install the cap, and connect it to your dosing system.
Kamoer Qijian Smart Aquarium Controller
List Price : R45,000.00
Price : R40,000.00
Qijian smart version is a suite of functions such as water change, temperature detection, liquid level detection, humidity detection, pH detection, ORP detection, 8-way smart socket, etc. Users can view the real-time value and the historical value of the sensor through iOS or Android App. User can control the switch of the smart socket, set the plan parameters of the water change. When the device is powered down or the sensor is abnormal, the alarm information can also be pushed to mobile app.
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