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Rossmont Skimer SX1000
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World’s first programmable protein skimmer. Q max pump: 2900 L/h. Max Power consumption: 29W. Reaction chamber capacity: 5,5L. Cup capacity: 1,5L. Rated voltage: 230VAC – 50Hz. Compatible with Rossmont Waver Controller
Price : R10,000.00R8,950.00
Discount : R1050.00 (10.50% off)
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Usually Leaves Warehouse the Next Business Day.
During festive season deliveries may take longer than 3-4 days.
The Rossmont Skimers have a curved body with an external pump scheme. This slightly increases the overall size when compared to skimmers with an internal pump, but it leaves more room for bubbles and it greatly simplifies maintenance. The peculiarities are the possibility to program it during the day using the waver, and the possibility to adjust the pump flow rate continually.

The Skimer SX 1000 has a flow rate of 2900 l/h and a power consumption of 29 watts, suitable for up to 300 liter tanks stocked with SPS corals and up to a 1000 liters for a fish-only tank, as correctly pointed out in the product sheet.

The Skimer SX 2000 has a flow rate of 3500 l/h and a consumption of 34 watts, and is suitable, according to the manufacturer, for aquariums of 600 – 2000 liters.







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