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Aquael Reef Master 60
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The REEF MASTER set is designed for setting up a small marine aquarium. Provides excellent living conditions for corals, crustaceans, and small fish. Exceptionally strong lighting (3 x T5 24W plus a light-emitting diode) with a lighting timer. All the devices are concealed in the panel and the lid. The filtration panel comprises a bio-filter, a self-driven protein skimmer with a pump, and a comb filter. REEF MASTER is available in black or white. 2 Years Guarantee.
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The AQUAEL REEF MASTER 60 set replaces the older REEFMAX version and is designed for setting up a small marine aquarium. REEF MASTER 60 is available in black or white.

Water Tank

The set includes a tank with the capacity of 102 litres. The tank is made of glass panels of proper thickness. The glass panels are glued together with special aquarium silicone. The tank has a profiled front panel and a filtration panel placed behind the background at the rear. The bottom of the tank is fitted with a special frame for additional protection. The glass that separates the skimmer chamber from the aquarium is blue in colour.


The lighting equipment is built into the lid. It consists of three 24W T5 fluorescent lamps and a high-brightness LED. The lid also includes a ventilation system and a separating glass that protects the water from overheating during the operation of lighting equipment. Additionally, the aquarium has an electronically-controlled cooling and ventilation unit located in the rear flap over the drip filter.

The filtration panel comprises a bio-filter, a self-driven protein skimmer with a pump, and a set of combs with filter padding inserts to prevent air bubbles from getting into the aquarium. In order to stop fish and other animals from entering the filtration panel, the edges of the panel are fitted with special protective combs. The spacing of the teeth of the protective combs is adjustable.

The aquarium should be placed on a firm, thoroughly leveled piece of furniture. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the dedicated REEF MASTER stand, which is not included in the set. The filter baskets, located in the first chamber of the filtration panel, are filled with bio-balls that provide biological filtration. The protein skimmer, located in the second chamber of the filtration panel, is ready to operate without any special preparations. The third chamber contains filtering combs with fleece inserts.

Programming the Aquarium

The programming unit on the top of the lid has a LED screen and three function buttons. The front lighting unit, which consists of two white fluorescent lamps, and the blue fluorescent lamp in the lid can be programmed to switch on and off automatically at specific times, independently of each other. The fan over the drip tray can be programmed to turn on and off automatically after the water temperature in the aquarium exceeds a certain level (recommended temperature is 25º C). 

The Aquael Reef Master aquarium is designed with performance and ease of use in mind. It combines all the technology necessary to grow and maintain a healthy reef aquarium including corals, echinoderms, crustacea, molluscs etc and is an ideal solution for beginners or experts alike.

Aquarium overview at a glance:
  • ideal for setting up a nano reef
  • provides excellent conditions for corals, crustacea and small fish
  • lid with special lighting for marine aquariums (3x T5 24W fluorescent lamps and a light-emitting diode)
  • time controller of the lighting
  • protective screen protecting the water from overheating
  • fan system channelling excess heat
  • programmer of desired temperature
  • filtration panel concealed behind the background
  • efficient protein skimmer
  • ideal as the first marine aquarium
  • 105 litres (including water treatment centre) 
  • Aquael Comfort Zone 100w aquarium heater
  • Back chamber filtration system
  • 2 years guarantee

How to setup your Aquael Reef Master:

How to do maintenance on your Aquael Reef Master

Product name
Size (cm)
Lighting (W)
3 x 24 W
Night lighting
Tank Volume (l)
Filtration and skimmer’s efficiency
505 l/h


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