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Aquael Glossy 80
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GLOSSY 80 is a stylish contemporary aquarium that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Its unique glossy design will transform your aquarium into a modern piece of art to showcase your fish, plants or corals. It comes with energy and cost efficient LED lighting to enhance the natural colours of your aquarium inhabitants. It's smart design will allow you to install the filtration system and other devices without any hassle thanks to special openings at the back. Cabinet is sold separately
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GLOSSY is a brand-new and unique product line from Aquael, the first of its kind on the market. The aquarium kit includes a special elevated tank. A lid with inbuilt lighting is glued to the inside of the upper part of the tank. Thanks to this innovative solution, the aquarium looks like a solid piece of glass with an elegant black band at the top. Being a highly original decorative element, a GLOSSY aquarium will suit any modern interior.

The lids of GLOSSY tanks are equipped with advanced T5 lighting to ensure the proper growth of aquarium plants. At the back of the lid, there are special openings for the hassle-free installation of canister filters and other aquarium devices.


The GLOSSY kits are ideal for the setting up of plant aquariums as well as biotope and traditional mixed aquariums. They are available in three sizes, ranging from 80 to 120 cm in length. You can also purchase a special tank stand to go with a GLOSSY aquarium. The tank stand is designed in the same style and is manufactured of high-gloss panels. Together, they will form a compact stylish body that sparkles with elegance.



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