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Cateco Odour Proof Litter Box Orange
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Cateco Litter Box with "Convactive" Technology eliminates humidity by allowing air to circulate through the litter area and prevents bacteria and fungus from proliferating and creating malodorous gases by halting the biochemical process that creates ammonia before it even begins. A dryer environment promotes clumps that are dryer, more compact and that uses less litter. Reduces the need for complete cleanings with significant time and money savings. Odours reduced by 86%. Size: 22x44x56cm.
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The Cateco® litter box’s unique air circulation technology dries up the litter area in a natural and continuous manner, which significantly restricts the proliferation of potentially harmful bacteria, also responsible for strong, foul odours. It is clinically proven to reduce odours by up to 86% (tests conducted in an ISO 17025 laboratory).

Conventional litter boxes, unlike the Cateco®, do not allow litter to dry adequately. Accumulated humidity, intensified by urine and feces, leads to the propagation of bacteria responsible for strong, foul odours and frequent maintenance.

Heat from urine and faeces, along with the Cateco® litter box’s design, activates a natural air circulation process which is the cornerstone of the Cateco® litter box’s air circulation technology.

The Cateco® litter box’s unique air circulation technology naturally neutralizes even the smallest clumps, left behind during daily maintenance (even if maintenance is thorough), which end up contaminating the entire litter box and make it malodorous. This feature allows Cateco® litter box owners to extend the period of time between complete cleanings.

The Cateco® litter box naturally and efficiently neutralizes the biochemical process responsible for the propagation of strong, foul odours.

Liquids that reach the bottom of the Cateco® litter box simply go through the Aerator Mesh (which is tear and puncture proof) and are absorbed in the Cateco® Dry-Pad, placed in the lower part of the litter box. Consequently, complete cleanings are much less frequent: we recommend them only every 3 to 5 months if you’re using a high-end clumping litter. An extension unit is available to purchase separately as well as replacement dry pads, aerators and Noba scoop.

The Cateco® litter box was tested with a wide variety of clumping and absorbing litters, both mineral and plant-based. It works with the vast majority of them and extends their life-cycle: no irritating transition issues for you or your pet.

Lastly, the Cateco® litter box’s unique air circulation technology is « passive », which means it does not require mechanical or manual activation.

How To Use Cateco Litter Box

It's as simple as ABC. A. Assemble It; B. Add Litter and Dry-Pad and; C. Enjoy Your New Odour-Free Co-Existance With Your Cat(s)!


Maintenance And Complete Cleaning

Maintenance of the Cateco should not be frequent, but it's still necessary! Simply Follow these easy steps to make your Cateco like new again!


Other Cateco Accessories We Recommend:

Keep litter scattering and other unspeakable messes at bay with the Cateco® Extension (sold separately), which adds over 15 centimetres to the height of the walls of your Cateco® odour-proof litter box! It is desiged and made in Canada with durable polypropylene plastic.

Use a Cateco Dry-Pad (sold separately) instead of litter in the lower section of your Cateco® litter box and simply change it every 3-4 days or if soiled. 
The new Noba® Litter Scoop (sold separately) has wavy, triangular blades to help sift litter more efficiently than ever. The scoop's multi-radius edges adapt to most litter boxes and allow deep cleaning. The Noba® Litter Scoop has also a ultra-solid construction and is available in 8 trendy colours. 




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