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Aquael MAXI KANI 150 Canister Filter
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Simple design - convenience of use, high efficiency with low energy consumption, ideal conditions for breeding animals and freshwater plants, work in shallow water, any filtration configuration, integrated shut-off system, properly selected filtration media, complete set.
Price : R2,800.00R2,500.00
Discount : R300.00 (10.71% off)
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The new MAXI KANI product line consists of canister filters fed by separate high-performance pumps. The filters are intended for use both in aquariums and in aqua-terrariums. They combine a large filtration capacity with the freedom of installation, since the feeding pump can be placed either inside or outside the tank, in a vertical or horizontal position. Their additional advantage is the exceptional ease of use. The design of the filters allows them to be used also in aqua-terrariums, as they can operate in shallow water that is 10 or more centimetres deep. The filters are extremely efficient at mechanical and biological filtration. They remove from the water both debris that are visible to the naked eye and dissolved toxic substances that can harm the inhabitants of the aquarium. They are easy to set up and do not require frequent cleaning. Thanks to the use of an external pump, the filter can be placed not only below the aquarium tank, but also next to it, and even above the tank without any negative impact on the efficiency of its operation.

The MAXI KANI product line includes four filter models (MAXI KANI 150, 250, 350, and 500) intended for use in aquarium tanks with a capacity of 50 and up to 500 litres.

Product advantages:
  • fully equipped and ready for operation
  • simple design translates into ease of installation and use
  • high performance at a low power consumption
  • provides ideal living conditions for aquarium animals and plants
  • carefully selected filter media
  • an integrated cut-off system for the convenience and safety of use
  • flexible filter configuration
  • can operate in shallow water


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