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Aquael UltraScape 60 Aquarium Set
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Enjoy freedom of creation with ideal measures and harmonious proportions of UltraScape aquariums. Opti type glass, open tank made of thick glass, adjustable rack with Leddy Tube lighting and unique design are just some of the advantages of the set. UltraScape Set is available in two sizes and two colour options. Invite nature into your home and enjoy it without any limits. The cabinet is sold separately.
Price : R8,890.00R7,990.00
Discount : R900.00 (10.12% off)
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The UltraScape aquarium sets have been designed for enthusiasts and in cooperation with Michał Adamek, a professional aquascaper. The sets are distinguished by the ideal dimensions, acclaimed by aquascapers, harmonious proportions and attractive additions.

Opti type glass, open tank made of thick glass that requires no additional reinforcing, an adjustable rack with Leddy Tube lighting and extraordinary design are just some of the features of the UltraScape Set.

The sets also include an elegant dedicated light, equipped with replaceable Leddy Tube lighting modules.


One of its key benefits is the possibility to replace individual components rather than the entire light. The light is placed on a sleek frame with adjustable height. By adding a wiring wrap, we made sure that the look of the set is refined in every detail. A mat under the aquarium is also included.

The ideal proportions of the UltraScape Set tanks allow you to create all kinds of arrangements, both experimental and the classic ones. Transparent silicone, cut joint, polished, sanded edges and precision glass bonding are important finishes for premium tanks.

UltraScape sets are available in two sizes: 60 x 30 x 36 cm and 90 x 60 x 45 cm and in two colour versions: snow and forest.

The UltraScape Set is also available with dedicated cabinets. The black satin and veneer finish of the forest cabinet and the satin finish of the snow cabinet are designed in line with the current interior design trends.

All cabinet models can accommodate the AQUAEL Ultramax and Ultra external filters. An additional feature of the UltraScape cabinets are the special hose slots on the sides. They allow you to completely enclose the filter inside the cabinet and conveniently place the wiring on the side of the tank.

The cabinets are also equipped with shelves for accessories and height-adjustable feet. The UltraScape Cabinet 60 comes with 6 legs, while UltraScape Cabinet 90 with 9 legs. This is the right number to ensure stability and even weight distribution under even the heaviest arrangements.





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