12 MAY 2018
Only The Best Food For Cats
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We all want the best for our cats, whether we have a wild-eyed, mischievous little kitten or a graceful, more mature cat. One of the best ways we can look out for our cats is to make sure they get only the finest food that'll keep them strong, active and just as characterful as ever.   Burgess Pet Care is a leading pet food manufacturer with over 200 years of experience, meaning they know just how to pack the most benefit into their cat food. Made using natural grain-free recipes, the Burgess Wellbeing Range is specially designed to help maintain your cat's health and wellbeing, while making sure they get a deliciously tasty meal. For any cats predisposed to carrying a little extra weight than they should, the Burgess Wellbeing Slender food is a great option to help promote a thriving metabolism and steer off any urinary problems that can arise in cats that are overweight. Got an indoor cat who'd much rather snuggle on your knee then head outdoors? Try the.. [More] catlickingpaw.jpg
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25 FEB 2018
Burgess Cat Food Now in South Africa
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Cats are obligate carnivores. Essentially this means that cats must eat meat or fish in their daily diet and that vegetarianism is generally not considered an option for cats. Their diets should contain a high level of good quality meat or fish and animal fat and small quantities of fish oil are also beneficial for skin and coat condition. Cats require a careful balance of at least 13 different vitamins, plus the essential amino acid taurine necessary to promote a healthy heart and eyes. A complete diet will have all the necessary vitamins and amino acids in the right ratio, either derived from the raw materials themselves or from added supplements. Good manufacturers use protected vitamins to prevent them being degraded by processing. With the right food from a reputable supplier, there is no need to give your cat extra vitamins and over dosing of vitamins can be harmful.   Nutrition For Kittens – A Complete Cat Food Start to feed the mother on kitten food such as .. [More] BurgessCatRangeblog.jpg
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06 JAN 2018
New Burgess Wellbeing Cat Food Range
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Burgess Pet Care used their 200 years of pet nutrition expertise to develop a new Wellbeing food range for cats that is completely grain-free with a range of functional health benefits including weight control, digestive health and skin & coat condition.      Because Burgess understand pets have unique nutritional needs and suffer from health problems such as obesity, dental cavities and digestive issues just like humans, they made their new three-strong range – specially formulated by in-house vet Dr Suzanne Moyes – naturally grain free, with nutritious ingredients that target problem areas. Their ‘Slender’ food, for example, includes amino acids that helps support a healthy metabolism and burn fat – great for cats that need to watch their waistlines – as well as protein for fullness and cranberry extract to balance urinary PH.  ‚ÄčTheir ‘Skin & Coat’, which contains linseed and biotin to give a gloss.. [More] bloggrainfreewellbeingcat.jpg
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