15 SEP 2019
Food Allergies Under Investigation
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What’s the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance? And how can you tell if your dog or cat is suffering from one or the other? Itchy skin, upset tummy, weight loss? These can all be symptoms caused by diet – although there could be many other reasons why your pet is out of sorts and you should always ask your vet for advice. But if you suspect food could be the issue, where do you start?   Food allergies and food intolerance are two different conditions which often have similar symptoms. While they are both examples of adverse food reactions, food allergies involve the animal’s immune system while food intolerances do not. Food allergy or hypersensitivity This occurs when a particular component of food (usually a protein) triggers the susceptible animal’s immune system to react, for example, cells may release histamine which causes itching. Food or dietary intolerance This occurs when something in the food doesn’t.. [More] dogallergies.jpg
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26 MAR 2017
Burgess Sensitive Food For Dogs
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There are numerous foods available for dogs and sometimes it is difficult to know what is best for your four legged friend. At Burgess they only make foods that are healthy and contain the best of ingredients to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy. Burgess Sensitive which is now available in South Africa from 1 March 2018 is great for all dogs, but is particularly suited to those with a sensitive digestive system as the recipes are free from the usual ingredients that can upset your pet’s stomach. The recipes contain just simple, high quality ingredients like tasty British Turkey and Scottish Salmon.   Feeding Tips for When Your Dog is a Puppy Introduce Burgess Sensitive in the early days gradually over a week, by mashing a little down with hot water to create a paste and cooling to room temperature.  Gradually add less water until your puppy is eating the dry kibbles. If your puppy is already eating dry food, transition them slowly, over .. [More] feedingdogs.jpg
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