06 JUL 2018
Is Too Much Ball Throwing Stressing Your Dog
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Most dogs love chasing and fetching a ball, but could too much of this classic canine game have negative consequences? Some experts believe that repetitive high-energy exercise boosts a dog’s adrenaline levels to the point where powerful chemicals, such as cortisol, are released.   Cortisol has many functions including working with certain parts of the brain to control mood, motivation, and fear. It’s best known as the stress hormone, helping fuel the ‘fight or flight’ instinct in a crisis. While very useful in times of danger, prolonged exposure to cortisol can lead to a number of health problems. According to canine behaviourist Sindhoor Pangal , there are cases where adrenaline in dogs is known to have remained in circulation for seven days and cortisol for up to as much as 40 days. Pangal explains it like this: “When an animal hunts in the wild, after that adrenaline rush, he sits down to eat his meal and lets the hormones wear off. But w.. [More] dogsplayfetch.JPG
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27 APR 2015
South Africa Get Ready For Comfy Brand
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Comfy is a brand owned by the Polish company AQUAEL and will be available end of June 2015 in South Africa. The Comfy product line includes high-quality accessories for dogs and cats designed to ensure that your pet spends every single day of its life in comfort and luxury. They are manufactured of first-class materials in Poland ensuring long-term usage with no signs of damage or wear, and are resistant to teeth and claw marks. Many of the products e.g. beddings, kennels and bags are washable. Comfy products meet high safety standards and are made of non toxic, natural materials.   The Comfy brand includes: APPETIT dog food Thanks to the Comfy APPETIT line of dog foods, your pet will enjoy a properly balanced diet. COMFY APPETIT dog food and snacks are made of all-natural ingredients favoured by dogs and will be relished even by the most fussy eaters. Pet Bedding Comfy offer a wide range of Comfy beddings and mattresses made of natural skin-friendly .. [More] dogtoysphoto2.jpg
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