05 JUN 2021
What Is Best Koi Pond Filtration System?
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Koi ponds and koi keeping are gaining popularity in South Africa. There are many different types of ponds, but the filtration system will always be vital to the health of the fish. If you are unsure where to start when it comes to understanding a koi pond filtration system, this article is meant to give you a better understanding.    Koi produce waste that could be classified as both chemical and physical so it only makes sense that your pond will need to have the ability to handle both. The two main types of filtration are biological and mechanical.  Biological filtration encourages the growth of aerobic (nitrifying) bacterial cultures that will help break down the chemical components of fish waste. Mechanical filtration is employed to handle the physical solid pieces of waste such as faecal matter, dead leaves, dead insects, etc. There are special equipment you need to have present in your pond to ensure the health of your Koi. Before discussing filtrat.. [More] koipondfiltration2.jpg
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07 MAY 2021
EA Launches Tempest Filter For Ponds
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Award winning aquatics company Evolution Aqua have launched a new, innovative polisher for ponds, the Tempest. The Tempest filter uses Evolution Aqua’s K+Media to deliver crystal clear, healthy water. Designed to be used in conjunction with any filtration system, the Tempest offers additional mechanical and biological filtration. The Tempest filter can also be used on quarantine systems or as a standalone filter on smaller ponds up to 5,000 Litres.   The Tempest filter is easy to install and is simple and quick to clean, by way of a unique, patent pending air syphon design. During the cleaning process, air is drawn into the filter as it empties which causes the water to agitate, effectively cleaning the K+Media. Using Evolution Aqua’s K+Media as the filter media, particles down to one micron can be filtered. Not only that, K+Media is the result of extensive research and development, moulded with minerals for faster maturation times. Evolution Aqua filter me.. [More] EA_Tempest.jpg
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20 JUL 2020
How Does Nexus Koi Pond Filter Work?
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The Evolution Aqua Nexus is considered as one of the most state-of-the-art pond filtration systems that is readily available in the industry today and has since created quite the hype amongst both hobbyists and professional pond owners.   It's system utilizes a heavy-duty mechanical filter that comes in the shape of a stainless steel grill container. It is also equipped with a mechanically-aided biological filter that keeps your water in the filter flowing to make sure and give assurance that any nitrifying bacteria gets working on the high volume of ammonia in the pond.  How the Nexus Works  Water from the pond enters the nexus via the inlet into the inner chamber hich works as a vortex allowing larger solids to settle out. Water then passes through the grills in the stainless steel “Eazy” filter, where the finer particles are removed at the mechanical stage of filtration, thanks to the static bed of our award winning K1 Micro® filter me.. [More] nexusfilters.png
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04 JUL 2020
EazyPod The Self-Cleaning Koi Pond Filter
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Are you tired of cleaning your pond filter? Are you fed-up with washing filter brushes and squeezing filter sponges over and over again, in all weathers? Award-winning filter manufacturer Evolution Aqua have the solution. The EazyPod UV Automatic is now available in South Africa and is a self-cleaning, mechanical and biological filtration system for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres. A manuel cleaning version called EazyPod Air is also available at much lower price.   The Eazypod UV Automatic features an integrated 18 Watt UVC built in to the inlet section of the filter, helping to clear green water. Available in 2 models, users can select either the EazyPod Automatic or the EazyPod UV Automatic (with built-in 18 watt UV). Both models are also available either in Grey or Green body colours. The EazyPod Automatic is a self cleaning, automatic mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres. A control box fitted to the side of the f.. [More] eazypodfilterssouthafrica.png
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13 JUN 2020
How To Identify Diseased Pond Fish
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Keeping fish should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and knowing what signs to look out for is key for healthy and happy pets. Fish are less obvious than other animals when they are unwell and often subtle changes in their behaviour can signal something is wrong. A lot of fish diseases are difficult to see without close inspection but most conditions and diseases bring about a change in behaviour.   What is normal fish behaviour? What to look out for: - A happy, healthy fish is usually one who swims at a normal pace, is alert to its surroundings and reacts quickly when food is introduced. Fish who rest listlessly, perhaps on their sides, fins clamped together and do not respond to food are obvious clues something is not right. Feeding time is therefore a great time to observe any abnormal behaviour. What is not normal fish behaviour? Erratic behaviours, such as sudden bursts of stop/start swimming, jumping and ‘flashing’ - where fish scr.. [More] ntlabs-koi76.jpg
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14 DEC 2019
How To Prepare Your Pond For Summer
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With the longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, summertime brings the outdoors to life. Now is the time to be making sure the pond is prepared for all that summer brings, and to ensure health and vitality in your fish, plants and wildlife. There is plenty of preparation needed for ponds to thrive during the summer months. A good maintenance routine will help prevent water quality issues and health related problems in your fish.   Summer maintenance Water quality issues after winter After a long winter with not much activity, the pond may begin to spring to life without much interference. One of the most important things to check early and regularly in the season is the water chemistry of the pond. Sludge at the bottom of the pond can reduce pH to dangerous levels and provide a breeding ground for disease-causing organisms to hide. If physical removal isn’t an option, regular dosing of NT Labs Pond Sludge Remover will digest sludge using a blend of enzym.. [More] summerpond.png
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