21 OCT 2016
Why Small Pets Need Enrichment?
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Many rodents such as hamsters, gerbils, mice, domesticated rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus are commonly kept as pets. All of these animals can make great pets when they are cared for properly with the right diet and proper housing. Unfortunately, many people get these animals as pets and don’t realize that in addition to good food, a safe cage, and clean bedding, these pets – just like cats and dogs – need environmental stimulation to be happy and to thrive. Many wild rodents are very social animals living with numerous others of their own kind in their normal habitat. In the wild, they have “jobs” – searching for food, finding mates, building nests. Most rodents nest in communities and share parental responsibilities. They spend 30-50% of the time they are awake grooming each other. When young rodents are separated from their mothers, they often show an increase in disease, are more anxious and aggressive, and are less likely to.. [More] carefreshhamster.jpg
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24 APR 2015
Benefits of Small Animal Chew Toys
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For years, small pets were only provided with food, water and bedding, and they spent the majority of their days in their cages. However, today's small animal pet owners are more apt to recognize the importance of offering plenty of out-of-cage time mixed with positive social interaction and a variety of challenging toys to keep their pets happily occupied throughout the day.   Whether it’s called a toy or a treat, having something to chew on is top priority for small animals. These pets have teeth that grow continuously, and gnawing is a natural way for them to keep their teeth at the proper level to provide healthy eating habits and good dentition. But chew toys aren’t just a necessity, they’re also fun. Interactive Toys An increasing number of small animal pet owners seek interactive toys. Similar to dog owners who wish to play catch with their pets, small pet owners also crave one-on-one interactions with their pets. There is no need to ke.. [More] hamsterplaying.jpg
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22 MAR 2015
Playing With Small Pets
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No matter what size our pets are, like any human they can get bored. It’s important to provide them with plenty of enrichment activities to keep them entertained as well as the added bonus of strengthening your bond with them! Whatever you decide to play with them, make sure it’s fun for the both of you. Never force your fur friends into taking part if they don’t seem interested. There are certain times of the day that different pets are more active. Gerbils, hamsters and rats are more active at dawn and dusk. Take their sleeping schedule into consideration when you decide to introduce them to new enrichment activities to understand when they will most likely want to play. Just to make things easier for you, we’ve put our heads together in the office and made up a list of the best activities you can do with your small pets. Enjoy! 1. Training Training your pets can be perfect for both physical and mental enrichment. Every pet has the cap.. [More] gerbilcute.jpg
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04 JUN 2014
Hamster Ball Racing
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Hamster racing is a sport in which hamsters are placed in hamster wheels or hamster balls, often fitted to miniature racing vehicles, and raced down a straight 9 meter course. The hamster crossing the finish line in the shortest amount of time wins. According to a 2001 media report, the world-record time for this course setup is 38 seconds. Events may feature as few as two hamsters or many teams of hamsters and human pit crews. Hamster balls may be simple spheres or feature many design modifications purported to increase the performance and style of the race vehicle. In the United Kingdom, gamblers can place bets on the outcome of hamster races through online bookmakers. Professional racing In 2001, an epidemic of foot and mouth disease caused the cancellation of some British horse races and other sporting events. To boost their lagging bookmaking incomes, betting agencies introduced and promoted the concept of professional hamster racing. Online bookmaker Blue Squa.. [More] hamster ball racing.jpg
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18 MAY 2014
Adorable Fancy Rats & Mice
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Rats and mice in the wild can be one of the worst pests for mankind, notwithstanding their indispensable part within the ecosystem. Domestic rats and mice, on the other hand, contribute a great deal to the advancement of research for the benefit of man. Domestic rats and mice are not the same as their wild counterparts, having been domesticated for over 100 years. As Pets Rats and mice suffer from bad “press” with much prejudice and misunderstanding directed toward them. As urban sprawl continues to limit the necessary space needed to keep dogs and cats, rats and mice as pets are gradually emerging as an ideal substitute. Easy to keep, with minimal space and care requirements, they provide all the pleasure and satisfaction of a warm, cuddly, intelligent, and friendly pet companion. They are also very inexpensive to obtain along with the required accessories needed to make them happy. Domesticated rats make excellent pets for children and adults alike. .. [More] pet rats blog.jpg
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03 APR 2014
Try Sharples & Grant Pet Toys
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Is your hamster depressed? Are your budgies bored? Are your fishes feeling down? Entertain your pets with toys and accessories from Sharples and Grant, the latest imported brand from Pet Habitat for South African market.     If you are looking for hideaway homes, pens, pet housing, training products and toys that your pet will love, check out the fantastic range of stock on our website pethabitat.co.za. Is your hamster biting the bars of his cage? Pet behavioural problems are often due to boredom. Ensure your pet is entertained with our pet toys and accessories.   Sharples and Grant is a British company and the owners have over 50 years combined experience working within the pet trade. Established in 2005, the company has gone from strength to strength, and now boasts a product range of over 1200 exciting and innovative products, that will ultimately have all pets chomping at the bit!     Complemented by a great reputation for customer servic.. [More] sharplestoys4.jpg
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