20 NOV 2021
What Vets Recommend Hamsters Should Eat
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When it comes to food, hamsters like to forage and hoard – and they are extremely well equipped to carry their provisions from one place to another thanks to their ingenious cheek pouches. What’s more, these small omnivores also have very specific nutritional requirements...   Native to the arid landscapes of Syria and Turkey, hamsters evolved their cheek pouches so they could take full advantage of food wherever it happens to turn up. When you’re a very small animal it’s not always practical to eat what you’ve found right there and then – particularly if you’re at risk of becoming a hot lunch yourself. So, it makes perfect sense to stuff what you’ve foraged into your cheeks to take back to your burrow to eat it in safety. This is a natural behaviour that our pet hamsters continue to do. And, as hamster cheek pouches don't contain saliva glands, everything is kept fresh and dry during transit. Serve up the ideal hamster .. [More] hamsterboo.jpg
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21 NOV 2016
Foods That Are Toxic To Hamsters
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Hamsters have a lifespan of two to three years but some have been known to live up to four years or longer due to exceptional hamster care and a bit of luck. They are actually pretty good at hiding their illnesses until it's nearly too late, which is why it is important to keep a close eye on any changes in your pet's regular diet or routine. If you notice any signs of illness in your hamster, you need to see a veterinarian as quickly as you can. Most of the ailments associated with hamsters in captivity today can be attributed to the ignorance of modern day man, and our modern way of living. Almost 90% of the ailments of hamsters in captivity are directly or indirectly linked to the diet and the hamster's eating habits. Hamsters will eat or have a go at almost any food that is offered to them. They cannot decide for themselves what is bad or what is good for them, and care must be exercised when it comes to feeding your pet. Their diet is a major contributing factor in their dis.. [More] hamstereatingfrombowl.jpg
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15 JUN 2014
Are Oats Healthy For Small Animals?
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Oats been called the super food of the world from reducing asthma risk, control appetite hormones, part of gluten free diet, improve insulin….etc. In recent case, it is used more frequently as a supplement for small animals – providing necessary fattening agent and nutritional benefits. Unknown to many, rolled oats are steamed groats that have literally been rolled out and flattened, with the bran (nutritional part) discarded. When most people think of “oats,” they’re thinking of rolled oats. The main problems with oats are the phytic acid and the avenin, a protein in the prolamine family (along with gluten from wheat, rye, and barley, and zein, from corn). As far as phytic acid (or phytate) goes, oats contain less than corn and brown rice but about the same amount as wheat. Phytate has the tendency to bind minerals and prevent their absorption. So, even if a grain is rich in minerals, the presence of phytate prevents their full absorpt.. [More] rolledoats.jpg
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01 JUN 2014
Choosing Hamster Food
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When it comes to choosing the right food for your hamster it’s always best to pick a high quality food. There are several very cheap brands on the market but they may not have all the nutrients necessary to keep your hamster happy and healthy. Hamsters are naturally omnivorous, that is they need meat in their diet as well as vegetables and cereals. This isn’t a commonly known fact. Many people presume hamsters are vegetarian and don’t eat meat and so they think they are providing a balanced diet with just vegetables and a cereal food. Instead pick a good quality hamster food that contains meat. The meat content is likely to be mealworms which hamsters just adore, so you’ll not only be giving him the best food for his well being, you’ll be giving him an interesting and tasty diet too. It’s always best to pick a food that has been specifically developed for hamsters rather than a generic small animal food. You wouldn’t feed d.. [More] hamster eating tomato blog.jpg
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23 APR 2014
Why Hamsters Make Great Pets
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Hamsters make great pets but whether you decide on a Dwarf or Syrian hamster they both need the love and care that a larger animal would. Make sure you are prepared to take on the responsibility, especially if you are adopting your hamster (or hamsters) for a child as a family pet. Dwarf Hamster Due to their small size Dwarf hamsters are not recommended for small children, especially the Roborovski. Hamsters are nocturnal but once they are up and about they are full of energy and can be found swinging from the bars of their cage like a child on a monkey swing, which is entertaining to watch and you find yourself willing them on. They’re also into everything, loving to gnaw on the cardboard box you bring them home in!, and are gentle natured. The four species of Dwarf hamster are: Russian Campbell, Russian Winter White, Roborovski and Chinese, although technically a Chinese hamster is not classed as a Dwarf due to their longer tails. The most commonly kept as a pet i.. [More] syrian hamster dark brown.jpg
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