29 MAY 2014
Little Critters Rescue Club
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People are often unaware that local animal shelters in many parts of South Africa, have many rescued guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, pet rats and hamsters that need homes, primarily as a result of people who surrender them because they unable to take care of them properly. Little Critters Rescue Club is a non-profit, prolife, rescue, rehabilitate and re-homing organisation for small animals in Johannesburg. Many pet stores house both male and female guinea pigs together and occasionally sell incorrectly sexed guinea pigs. This increases the odds that a breeding pair has been sold or that a young undeveloped sow is already pregnant when purchased (sows can become pregnant as early as four weeks of age). Other pet owners intentionally breed their guinea pigs “to see what it’s like”; and the number of unwanted guinea pigs needing homes continues to grow. Little Critters Rescue Club rehome these needy critters (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits,.. [More] baby guinea pigs.jpg
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