03 Mar 2019
Pet Rebels Cat Trees & Scratching Posts
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Pssst. Do you also want a marvellous cat tree for your cat? Pet Habitat will be distributing Pet Rebels cat trees and cat furniture in South Africa. Pet Rebels is created by innovative people in the Netherlands that are in possession of a healthy dose of humour and an unwavering perseverance. Petrebels has a large assortment of cat furniture and scratching posts in all shapes and sizes.

Pet Rebels created several categories with associated characteristics because no cat is equal to another and every interior looks different and not everyone is able to or wants to spend as much:
  1. Cheap Bastards - good, cheap, 7-9cm posts
  2. Kings & Queens - trendy, affordable, strong, 9cm posts
  3. Sweet Petite - compact, extra heavy, 12cm posts
  4. Lucky Bastards - gigantic, big cats, multiple cats, 15 cm posts
  5. The Rebels - super stable, Maine Coons, big cats, 20cm posts
  6. Champions Only - strong, huge, heavy, solid
  7. Natural Eco Lovers - natural elements, timeless, 9cm posts
Each category has common characteristic .... STABLE

Why a PET REBELS cat tree?

It all starts with their packaging. Recognizable purple, with the striking logo of the cat and dog. They always use their metal logo on the PETREBELS cat trees. It is their quality mark. They only add the logo after the product has been tested and approved.

The ingredients of Pet Rebels that make all the difference:
  • Unique Design
  • Stable and dependable quality
  • Conscious selection of material
  • Fair price
A Pet Rebels product always meets the same quality characteristics and is individually handcrafted. In addition, Petrebels is made unique because of their own designs. Therefore they are the trendsetters in the field of scratch furniture for your cat.

The PET REBELS Quality

Size does matter!

By choosing the right scratching tree you can minimize the risk of your cat using your furniture or curtains to explore and scratch. Choosing the correct scratching tree for your cat means choosing a scratching tree that fits with your cat’s size and activity level and will therefore become the centre of his or her life. A scratching tree should not be too small because most cats stretch out their body completely when scratching.

Please consider the size of your cat when selecting a scratching tree. The length of your cat when stretched out is the minimum length a scratching post should have. This will ensure that your cat’s feel-good factor will increase noticeably. If he or she will let you.. Than try and measure your cat and ensure your search for the right scratching tree for your little feline friend.

The thickness of the bottom board is crucial!

It sounds very easy and logical which it also is! The bottom board provides a stable foundation for every scratching tree. The thicker, thus heavier, the bottom plate is, the more stable the total construction of a scratching tree will become. At Petrebels we provide all sizes and thicknesses. On our website you can find our sizes and thicknesses and compare these with the product range of other companies. We believe in being transparent and are providing an excellent price-quality balanced product. Feel free to compare.

There are several companies in the world that have a base of only 0.8cm height (0.3937 inch). In our point of view this is far from enough! Petrebels bottom boards start at least with 2cm and go up to –depending on each model- 5cm (1.968 inch) in height! Thàt is what Petrebels calls a solid base!

The thickness of the sisal is crucial!

Sisal is a natural product that is manufactured in different diameters. We work with a minimum diameter of 5.6mm because only that can ensure an optimal claw care. This will in addition provide longer scratching pleasure for your cat and the post will last longer. Natural sisal is available in different diameters and the larger the diameter, the higher the price.

Petrebels values good quality and that is why we chose extra strong and durable sisal. All for the benefit and well being of your cat.

Normally, a cat tree with enough scratching area would be sufficient for your cat to sharpen and scratch their claws. If this is not enough for your cat, the necessity of trimming the nails or cutting the nails with a clipper might appear. In this case we urgently recommend asking a vet or specialist for the correct cutting and trimming.

The bonding is crucial!

Not only bonding between you and your cat is crucial. This also goes for a cat tree. Quality goes beyond what can be seen from the outside. In our manufacturing process strong plush and thick natural sisal are glued thoroughly. This prolongs the life expectancy of our scratching trees significantly. Up to 30%. You can easily test this yourselves by checking other trees and compare the two.

Simply take just any board and pull the plush upwards with 2 fingers. If the plush goes up, it is not bonded to the board underneath and will be damaged quickly. Now do the same test with any Petrebels scratching tree and you will see that the plush does not come up or has any loose ends. You can do the same with any of our scratching posts. Our sisal will not loosen.

The thickness of the plush is crucial!

The size and type of your cat is crucial for the density of the plush. The plush density has a significant impact on the life expectancy of a scratching tree. We urgently recommend checking out the information about the plush thickness that is mentioned with each model. The larger and more active your cat, the thicker the plush should be.

The motto is: The more active the cat, the thicker the plush.

By paying attention to all of the above, your cat tree will last longer and, not unimportantly, your cat will have much more and longer lasting fun with it.

We will not be able to introduce their entire Pet Rebels range, but we will select the most popular and best selling models and sizes selected by the manufacturer.
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