17 Aug 2019
AC Controllable Pumps From Italy
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Rossmont is a new company out of Italy that has been plugging away at making a new line of propeller pumps called Movers for aquariums. What makes Rossmont so revolutionary, is that they have designed a product called Waver that provides WiFi control of their AC pumps, a first in the aquarium hobby which is dominated by DC water pumps.

Besides the fundamental difference in how the Rossmont Movers are operated, resulting flow and functions are roughly the same as most water flow bundles containing two pumps and some kind of controller functions. But what is really different about the Rossmont Waver/Mover combo is that the user experience is wildly different, and the up-front cost is radically more affordable. To get this kind of flow from other manufacturers you’d have to spend quite a lot more.

Rossmont’s new Mover & Waver combos is a completely new value proposition when it comes to controllable, high quality propeller pumps. Keep in mind we’re not talking about some cheaply made pumps from China, but highly engineered water moving equipment designed by former employees of highly respected Italian water pump manufacturers.


Overall, the new Rossmont Mover/Waver is a very exciting new development in water movement in our reef tanks, and it sets a new standard for affordability for well made equipment in the aquarium hobby. Rossmont has really hit a sweet spot of value and performance with the Mover pumps and Waver controller, and we can’t wait to see what other products the company will release next.


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