02 Nov 2019
World’s First AC Controllable Return Pumps
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Rossmont, as you may know, is the company behind the revolutionary, controllable, AC powered wave pump called Mover. The Rossmont Riser and Riser RX are radical new pumps which on the surface looks pretty standard-issue, but beneath the skin hides some exciting new technology.

The models available are Rossmont Riser R3200, RX5000 and RX6600 which are great standalone AC pumps with a decent flow curves. What is the difference between an AC and DC pump? What’s the advantage of one over another?

Many people are looking for a DC pump nowadays for its novelty and control features. However, an AC pump is more reliable because there is no power supply that can fail. The Rossmont AC pump is plugged directly into the wall outlet and it will operate normally at a fixed flow rate. 

The main feature of these pumps are that if you use it as “stand-alone” it’s a standard AC pump, but if you plug into the Rossmont Waver controller it becomes an interesting controllable pump. Well surprise surprise, the Waver imparts the same control features to the Rossmont Riser and Riser RX as the Movers, transforming it into a controllable AC pump. Rossmont is the first company that was able to drive an AC powered pump.

The pump resin casting seems to be very good, and we like the two-colour body. The chamber cover is locked to the pump body by a locking ring. At first glance, it looks like a tiny pump but extremely well built, starting from the silicone soft spheres which separate the pump from the base. That is a detail we really appreciate.

Rossmont Risers have dual set of anti-vibration pads- there are standard pads on it, like every pump has and then it has these super flexible upper sets of pads. They kind of look like a bubble head and help absorb the very subtle vibration the pump can make, making it extremely quiet.

The pump can be used with any sump in wet or dry mode and it’s supplied with two equal hose barbs for inlet and outlet. Depending on the size of the inlet pipe you can cut the hose barb on its larger section to get maximum flow rate.

But the real magic happens when you plug the Rossmont Riser and Riser RX into the Rossmont Waver.  Like the Movers we expect these Rossmont return pumps to be very efficient, very quiet, and it’s also going to be priced very competitively. It’s important to remember that the Waver can be connected to a UPS (even a not-expensive one), to guarantee the return pump operation in case of a black-out. Since the UPS doesn’t have to be a sinusoidal wave form generator, that results in a more affordable price.

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