08 Nov 2019
What Makes TOPs Parrot Food Different?
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In the food and beverage industry, several secret recipes have been passed down and unchanged for generations such as KFC's original recipe and Coca-Cola's formula. These iconic brands feature the mystique of having a unique list of ingredients that make magic for their products.

The formulation of TOP's Parrot Food's organic pellets also features a unique list of ingredients that are different than any other pellet on the market. And since they were developed in 2003 by avian nutritionists, including Dr. Alicia McWatters, they have been unchanged and true to the original recipe. TOPs get inquiries from time to time asking if they have changed their formula, and they are proud to say “no,” their ingredients are the same as always. In fact, the ingredients have never been healthier for your parrots because they are now all certified organic.

Because the recipe is not a secret, TOPs is happy to share it with you: a quartet of key ingredients comprise 95 percent of TOP's pellets — alfalfa, millet, barley and brown rice — and always have. These cornerstone components give TOP's pellets their classic green color (from the alfalfa) and foundation to deliver healthy nutrition to your flock. The remaining 5 percent is comprised of a special blend of healthy, organic dry ingredients (the exact measurements of these ingredients is a secret) that add the flavours, textures, and fats that your birds love.

What makes TOP's pellets so special? For starters, the pellets are cold-pressed (not extruded or heat baked) to keep more natural enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients intact. They are free of artificial ingredients, colours or flavours, and do not use any sugars or fillers like corn, peanuts and soy. And of course, the pellets are USDA Organic Certified. This means that when you feed TOP's pellets to your birds you are providing them with all-natural, nutritious food that can make their lives better.

In fact, if you haven't tried TOP's yet we encourage you to read the label of your current parrot food and learn what's inside. Chances are you will see peanuts, soy, corn, sugar, artificial colours, and a host of ingredients you probably cannot pronounce and would not eat yourself. Compare those to TOP's pellets and we're confident you will see why TOPs are the healthiest pellet on the market.

TOP's pellets are available in 15 countries on four continents. Join us in celebrating TOP's pellets and the healthy, non-secret, consistent formula that has been enjoyed for 16 years by parrots and owners around the world. What questions do you have? Leave a comment or contact us on our facebook account.

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